Hillary don’t care about Bernie or his supporters, she just want their votes… PERIOD!!!

if you think Hillary cares for Bernie Sanders and his supporters, you can think again. First she calls Trump supporters a “basket of deplorables” and now she’s calling Bernie fans, “Basement Dwellers”. In other words, Hillary is calling Bernie fans losers with no life… people who live in their parents basement. People who rely on government handouts and free stuff is what she’s saying.

After all that time, Bernie and Hillary teamed up together to take down Trump. Bringing their supporters together to pay for to invade Trump rallies and all that stuff. This is what she says about Bernie supporters?


Hillary calls black people “Super Predators”, she calls hispanics “taco bowls”, Trump supporters, “Deplorables” and now she calls Bernie fans, “Basement Dwellers”.

Is this the kind of president we want who says nasty things about the American people? I’m not a big fan of Bernie supporters either but they don’t deserve to be talked down on by presidential candidates.

Hillary never cared about people overall. All she cares about is the “vote”. Hillary talked trash about Bernie’s fans and I’m pretty sure he’s still gonna campaign for her. This is messed up.




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