Why horror films suck nowadays…

Horror films used to be great in the 50’s – early 90’s. However, though, horror films in the 2000’s era is really starting to suck. You don’t see good horror films anymore. The reason horror films are starting to suck is ’cause there are too many “found footage” horror films. The “found footage” genre started to trend ever since the first BlairWitch movie came out. Then came the “Paranormal Activity” franchise and many others. Most found footage horror films aren’t that good. Another reason today’s horror films aren’t that good is that most of them aren’t scary and too predictable. Plus there’s too many remakes and reboots which I don’t really like.

Very rarely a good horror film comes out. I really loved the film, “Don’t Breathe”, I actually thought that was a great film. I thought the first “Purge” movie was pretty impressive. I also thought “The Neon Demon” was a good horror film as well. The only horror film reboot/remake that I actually enjoyed was “The Poltergeist” remake, I actually thought that was good. The “Poltergeist” remake actually had a plot and was interesting so I’m planning to pick up the BluRay to that film too. I also enjoyed “The Conjuring 1 & 2”, both of those movies were really good. Other newer horror films I loved were “The Descent” and I love all the SAW movies (w/ Jigsaw as villain). I also thought “Cabin Fever” was pretty decent. I also thought the “Evil Dead” remake was really really good.

Other than that most new horror films are garbage these days. It’s such a shame ’cause I’m such a huge horror movie fan. I just love dark & scary things. We really need a change in the horror movie industry pretty badly ’cause most horror films rely on blood & gore and jumpy scares. I’m more worried about good storytelling than anything.

The problem with the horror movie industry is that not only there are too many “found footage” horror films, there are also way too many demonic possession movies. It’s like, haven’t we had enough of those as well?

How about something original and different? Films like “Don’t Breathe” and “The Conjuring” were both really good ’cause they were both something different and original. We need more films like those. Originality and creativity. I’m sick of horror films rehashing the same old plots and storylines. I’m sure everyone else feels the same.



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