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Bernie should do the smart thing and retract Hillary endorsement after DNCLeak…

I’m sure some of you are wondering my thoughts on the DNCLeak. Julian Assange has decided to expose the DNC for screwing Bernie Sanders out of the election. They were planning to expose Sanders of his atheism and it is now proven that the Democrat election was completely rigged.

Thing is Bernie Sanders thought Hillary cared for him after all this time but she never did. She just wanted to take his supporters. She wanted his voters.

I know I used to bash the hell out of Bernie Sanders but I’ll admit now that I’m actually feeling bad for him. Bernie is being treated unfairly by Democrats just like Trump is being treated unfairly by the GOP. We all know how popular Bernie is. It’s just that the media won’t be honest about it. Media tries to make it look like Hillary is more popular than Bernie.

Even Bernie himself can be a very naive man. He thought Democrats backed him but he thought wrong. I think that is why Donald Trump suggested Bernie to run as an independent which is a smart thing to do.

Although I still think Bernie’s policies and ideas are pretty whacky, I guess he’ll have my support now after the DNC leak. Hillary is not popular at all. Nobody likes her but she made it through the primaries with a rigged system.

Ya know something? For many years, I’ve tried to warn you all that elections are rigged. All you guys did was laugh at my face and denied it all. Maybe you blog readers would realize now that rigged election systems are real. 2016 really is the year when everyone realizes on both sides of the spectrum that elections are rigged.

I do find it amazing, though that I’m seeing a lot of Trump supporters defending Bernie Sanders now after the DNC Leak. Probably because we believe in “freedom of speech” and the freedom to vote for whoever who you want.

Not only that Sanders has been screwed by Democrats, even liberals has been screwed by their own party. Democrats don’t care about you. They want Hillary to be president and they would do anything it takes to make Hillary president. They don’t care if it breaks the law and they don’t care if they do crazy things to get her to win.

While this is pretty disturbing, it’s not shocking or surprising though. The Democrat party has always been corrupt and it’s nice to see that liberals are finally starting to realize it.


People finally woke up on Bernie Sanders, maybe they’ll be more careful on who they support next time???

So Bernie sold out his supporters by endorsing Hillary today. Bernie fans are raging mad. Many of Bernie’s die-hard supporters has turned their backs on him… in other words, no longer supporting him. The reason is many Bernie fans don’t want Hillary and they don’t like Bernie supporting her in order to take down Donald Trump. Bernie fans looks surprised and shocked today and I’m watching all this thinking to myself, really? They should have seen this coming a long time ago.

It’s amazing to see that many liberals & independent voters who supported Bernie finally realized what a liar and a fraud Bernie really is. Many of them feel stupid for supporting him. I’ve been trying to warn Bernie fans for a long time not to trust him but of course, they don’t listen. Why are they surprised that Bernie sold out his die-hard fans? Bernie’s a career politician. You can’t trust any career politician. Bernie’s been Senator for 30 years what has he accomplished during those years?

Bernie hates big business, Wall Street and banks… Bernie just sided with a woman who supports all of those. Bernie has always been friendly with Hillary.

Now a lot of Bernie fans who hate Hillary are either gonna go to Trump, Gary Johnson or Jill Stein.

It’s pretty clear that people are never careful on who they vote for ’cause they are so naive that they trust everything so easily. Will they be more careful on who they support next time? No. They will always be dumb and misinformed. Them planning to vote for Gary Johnson or Jill Stein to vote against Trump is proof of that. The Never Trump idiots will do anything so they won’t have to vote for Trump. They don’t care what the other candidates policies & issues are which is sad. It’s just that the Never Trump idiots will support anyone who hates Donald Trump which is even sadder.

They really do think Trump is bad for America which shows that they are even more misinformed but at least they finally woke up about Bernie Sanders, though. They shouldn’t have trusted Bernie to begin with. They now know how much of a whack job Bernie is which is amazing.

Lets see how many Bernie fans will go to Trump, Gary and Jill. I’ll be looking out for the polls on this one. I bet more ex-Bernie fans will go to Trump. Some will go to Gary and Jill but most will go to Trump. My bets are on it, y’all.



Why Gary Johnson is nothing but a desperate loser…

I know the NeverTrump idiots are getting all excited ’cause they now have Gary Johnson to vote for since many of them are admitting that Bernie doesn’t have a chance. The NeverTrump idiots finally have an option. I don’t like that Gary Johnson asshole ’cause he’s nothing but a desperate loser. It seems like every election that happens, Gary Johnson is always in the race as a libertarian. The thing is nobody’s ever heard of Gary Johnson until Hillary and Donald Trump entered the race this year. Sure, Johnson is against both Hillary and Donald but the only reason he’s in the race is ’cause he’s trying to get the NeverTrump votes. He’s trying to get all the votes from people who hate both Hillary and Donald. Giving them an option. That’s all he’s in for. All the Bernie supporters who hate both Hillary and Donald are starting to support Gary johnson, I notice.

My question is why are most Bernie supporters who hate Hillary and Donald now supporting Gary Johnson? It’s simply because they are admitting that Bernie has no chance so they’re going to Johnson.

So what’s gonna happen when Bernie finally decides to endorse Hillary? My prediction is that they will probably stop supporting Bernie for good and go to Gary Johnson. I can see why Bernie supporters would go to Gary Johnson ’cause Johnson has some similar views as Bernie does.

I don’t like Gary Johnson ’cause much like Bernie Sanders, Johnson is too friendly with Muslims and illegal aliens. Plus Johnson is too weak on Border Security and he’s all for open borders. Gee, no wonder Bernie fans are going to Johnson ’cause Bernie fans believe that Muslims and illegal aliens doesn’t deserve all this hate they’re getting. I’ll have a rant about that in a different post.

Gary Johnson is a desperate loser who thinks he’s got a chance in the election by taking all the Trump haters. That won’t work ’cause remember Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz tried to get the NeverTrump votes as well but they failed. Sorry but Johnson will never become Prez. The NeverTrump crowd has a small audience and Gary Johnson is proof of that.


Reasons why Bernie Sanders is a nutjob #3: We must do something about Climate Change, it’s a real threat…

I’ve never really believed in this Climate Change garbage that Obama and Sanders like to ram down our throats all the damn fuckin’ time. I’m getting real tired of this “Lets Improve The Earth” shit. The Earth is what it is. There is no way you can make it better ’cause I don’t believe in Climate Change at all. It’s just make-believe garbage that Sanders, Obama and Neil Young have been politicizing for no reason at all. They’re just wasting their time. Trying to get more publicity for themselves.

They all think the weather on this planet is all man-made? Really?

Climate Change

I think all this green-energy stuff is all garbage too. I don’t think all those solar panels that people get for their homes isn’t gonna help the environment so that stuff is a waste of money. Climate Change is a joke. There’s no way you can control the weather ’cause I really believe that mother nature is real.

When people like Obama and Sanders think Climate Change is a threat to our lives just makes me laugh. Yeah, Earth undeniably has a pollution problem with all the factories and vehicles in America but trying to fix the pollution problem isn’t gonna improve the Earth’s weather. The Earth is what it is. Thunderstorms, tornadoes and other natural disasters happen whenever they want to. Those things will happen no matter how you clean up the Earth.

I’ve always believed that this “Improve the Earth” campaigning that some people do is pretty silly. We’re fine. We’ll live. So enough of the Climate Change bullshit already!


Reasons Why Bernie Sanders is a nutjob #2: Free College For All (nothing is ever free, dumbasses)

Another big reason why I believe The Bern is a total nutcase is his whole “Free College” idea. No wonder a lot of young people are so crazy about this, dude.


Even if Free College happens and you’ll be able to go, nothing is ever free. Even if the tuition is free, still though, it’ll cost a lot of government taxpayer money (that’s socialism, idiots).

I don’t agree with free college idea. Sure, college is very expensive these days but tuition pricing is pretty high for a pretty good reason. You’re an adult now, you’re on your own and should be capable enough to take care of yourself. On top of that, nobody owes you anything. If you want college, work for it and earn it. Free college to me is cheating. Free college is getting too far ahead of your dreams.

I’d love to go to college someday. I’d go by saving up the money for it and earning my way there. I’d like to go to school for “writing” so I can improve my writing skills to the next level ’cause I’d like to write a novel one of these days.

This Free College thing is a joke and would never happen. So keep dreaming.


Reasons Why Bernie Sanders is a nutjob #1: He wants to help criminals and get ’em all out of prison…

A lot of you have seen me bash the hell out of Bernie Sanders and you’re probably thinking that I’m bashing him for no reason. Well no. I have every reason to bash the hell out of him ’cause his policies really are whacky as fuck and I’m about to explain in these series of steps so here is Reason #1. I’ll try to come up with 10 reasons but will do one post at a time so enjoy.

Criminal Justice

I don’t agree with Sanders idea of trying to reduce mass incarceration. Sure, prisons all over the United States are becoming too over-crowded but people get put in prison for a pretty good reason. If you release all these criminals like murderers, rapists, pedophiles, burglars, drug addicts, etc. they could commit those crimes again. Prison doesn’t teach those people anything and neither does all those programs that Bernie claims will help out.

You really want dangerous criminals back out in the streets? I don’t. This policy idea by Bernie is very dangerous to the country.

It seems that Bernie wants to be more helpful to criminals than innocent people like us which is a huge part of why I don’t like this policy at all. Sure a lot of money is being spent on prisoners but there are in there for a reason to keep us safe and keep the bad guys off the streets.

Bernie reducing incarceration would be a huge problem in the US and would damage the country. Prisons are here for a reason.


Bernie fans should turn their back on the Bern but they won’t…


Bernie Sanders appears to have started this “movement” and also appears to be against the establishment. Now he’s with the establishment by siding with crooks like Hillary, Obama and Elizabeth Warren to take down Trump. I’ve seen Bernie fans hate on Hillary through social networking for months now and here’s Bernie saying that he’ll vote for Hillary which is technically an endorsement for Hillary Killton (I spelled her last name wrong intentionally). Crazy Bernie thinks Trump is worse than Hillary which is pretty sad.

Bernie fans hate Hillary so much and they want her gone but he teams up with her and now he’s saying he’ll vote for her. Some Bernie fans are already upset and turning their backs on him but still not enough. There are still too many delusional idiots who will support him no matter what he does. It’s pathetic. Some will never admit that Bernie sold out by announcing he’ll vote Hillary to vote against Trump.

I don’t get Bernie fans. They don’t make any sense to me at all. I know how much a lot of them hate Hillary which is good but don’t you think they would want Bernie to work on taking down Hillary instead of Trump? Bernie himself may not like Hillary but he obviously thinks Hillary is the lesser of the two evils. That’s why Bernie fans should get upset at him and stop supporting him. So far today, I haven’t seen any Bernie fans getting mad at Bernie for siding with Hillary. They should be more worried about Hillary than the Donald, ya know?

Bernie sold out. His whole “movement” thing was a joke and he never cared about you all along. He’s desperate at taking down the Donald not because of his so-called “bigotry”. Bernie wants to take down Donald ’cause the Donald is rich and Bernie hates rich people. Everybody knows Bernie hates rich people, why do you think he wants to take money from the rich and give to the poor? Like Robin Hood? Bernie thinks that taking money from the rich is gonna help the economy which won’t.

Bernie fans know Hillary is bad but they keep supporting Bernie when he continues to show so much support for her. Bernie is Hillary’s ass-kisser and always has been, you delusional idiots. I would not support people who support HIllary so why do you keep supporting Bernie?

If you feel the Bern, get on the Trump train. You don’t have to like Trump, just jump aboard and join us so we can take down Hillary together. Lately, I’ve been trying to get Bernie fans to change their vote. It’ll be hard to do but it can be done. I wish Bernie fans would do their homework. Do their research of what’s really going on in America and they would all see why Trump is the best guy we have. I truly believe Bernie fans are way out of touch with reality.


Are Bernie fans secretly supporting Hillary?

Not too long ago Bernie Sanders announced he is teaming up with Hillary in order to take down Donald Trump after Bernie miserably lost the primaries. What doesn’t make any sense to me about all this is that many Bernie fans hate Hillary with a passion so here is Bernie teaming up with her and siding with her. Bernie has always seem pretty supportive of Hillary and always too friendly with her. What I don’t get is, since Bernie fans hate Hillary why do they keep supporting him? You don’t see any Bernie fans getting mad at Bernie for siding with Hillary at all. Why is that? I think the answer is quite simple really.

The answer is that many Bernie fans who claim to be Hillary haters are actually closet Hillary supporters. I think they secretly support her and planning on voting for her in Nov. to vote against Trump. None of them will want to admit it, though. If they really hated Hillary then they would have jumped aboard the Trump train in order to stop her but none of them have yet. Do they really hate Hillary or not? I don’t think they do. They’re being secretive about it and will never admit it that they’re a Hillary supporter. If they’re still supporting Bernie then that means it’s a vote for Hillary. Period.

Bernie fans are a bunch of lunatics and they continue to be.


The real reason Bernie didn’t drop out of the race, is he waiting for Hillary to get arrested by FBI?

Don’t let Bernie teaming up with Hillary to take down Trump fool you. That is not the reason that Crazy Bernie didn’t drop out of the race. In reality, I think Bernie doesn’t like Hillary at all. Bernie may seem pretty friendly with her but he is trying to hide the fact that he hates her too.

Mr. Trump here makes a lot of sense that I think the only reason Bernie didn’t drop out of the race is ’cause he’s waiting for FBI to take away Hillary so Bernie can get the nomination for himself. Bernie knows Hillary is probably gonna get the nomination at the DNC but what if she gets arrested by the FBI even before then? Could happen anytime.


Anyway, if Hillary does get arrested by FBI, that still doesn’t mean Bernie is gonna get the nomination. They could give it to Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren or some other corrupt Democrat.

This is how Bernie is planning to take down Trump. He’s waiting for something to happen to Hillary which probably won’t happen.

Bernie and his insane followers are hoping that Bernie will get the nomination at the DNC somehow but I’m willing to bet it isn’t gonna happen. Nothing is gonna happen to Bernie at the DNC. I’m betting your money on it. Bernie is gonna get rejected at the DNC, trust me.

Everybody wants to call Donald Trump egotistical and arrogant but what about Bernie? I think Bernie is no different. Bernie is an ego-driven piece of shit too. He thinks he’s better and tougher than Trump. Bernie wants to call Trump a “toughguy” well Bernie thinks he’s “tough” as well by sending a violent mob to invade Trump rallies. If that’s not desperation, I don’t know what else it is.


Bernie doesn’t really like America if his campaign is gonna be about taking down Trump…

Bernie Sanders should keep his focus on the American people but he doesn’t. Instead, he seems to be obsessed with taking down Trump. He should keep his focus on making your life better like he has been doing but instead, he’s all about taking down Trump. It’s obvious Bernie has a pure hatred for rich people since he wants steal from the rich and give to the poor. No wonder he hates Donald Trump so much ’cause Trump is a very rich man. Trump has a billion dollar company and empire. Trump has like over 20 properties all over the US, he has the USA pageants and the Celebrity Apprentice. What did Bernie do in his life?

There’s a lot of talk that Bernie never had a day job in his life and I heard that he lived off of welfare. No surprise if true. Trump accomplished so much things in his life and I haven’t heard many accomplishments about Bernie. It’s easy to say that Hillary had no accomplishments, why is no one attacking Bernie’s record? I bet no one can name a single accomplishment about Bernie either. Bernie has been senator for Vermont for like 16 years I believe and I’ve never even heard of the guy until this election. That says something there.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Bernie and Hillary are jealous of Trump’s success in the business world. I really do believe Bernie hates America and so does his loony supporters. If Bernie fans loved America then you would see them holding American Flags at Trump rallies when they “protest” but you don’t see a single American flag when Bernie/Hillary fans riot at Trump rallies. Why don’t you see Bernie/Hillary supporters holding American flags at Trump rallies? That’s probably Bernie & Hillary ordered the rioters not to bring one. Instead, they hold Mexican flags, communist flags and various type of other flags that has nothing to do with America. Pretty sickening.

Bernie lost the primaries pretty bad and now he wants to continue his campaign to take down Trump? It’s nothing but desperation and jealousy. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio used their campaigns to stop Trump but they failed miserably. Bernie is gonna fail too. I can’t wait to see Bernie react when Trump does get elected in Jan. Bernie is insane just like his followers.

Bernie is an idiot and a dumbass. He needs to quit and go back to Vermont.