Bernie fans should turn their back on the Bern but they won’t…


Bernie Sanders appears to have started this “movement” and also appears to be against the establishment. Now he’s with the establishment by siding with crooks like Hillary, Obama and Elizabeth Warren to take down Trump. I’ve seen Bernie fans hate on Hillary through social networking for months now and here’s Bernie saying that he’ll vote for Hillary which is technically an endorsement for Hillary Killton (I spelled her last name wrong intentionally). Crazy Bernie thinks Trump is worse than Hillary which is pretty sad.

Bernie fans hate Hillary so much and they want her gone but he teams up with her and now he’s saying he’ll vote for her. Some Bernie fans are already upset and turning their backs on him but still not enough. There are still too many delusional idiots who will support him no matter what he does. It’s pathetic. Some will never admit that Bernie sold out by announcing he’ll vote Hillary to vote against Trump.

I don’t get Bernie fans. They don’t make any sense to me at all. I know how much a lot of them hate Hillary which is good but don’t you think they would want Bernie to work on taking down Hillary instead of Trump? Bernie himself may not like Hillary but he obviously thinks Hillary is the lesser of the two evils. That’s why Bernie fans should get upset at him and stop supporting him. So far today, I haven’t seen any Bernie fans getting mad at Bernie for siding with Hillary. They should be more worried about Hillary than the Donald, ya know?

Bernie sold out. His whole “movement” thing was a joke and he never cared about you all along. He’s desperate at taking down the Donald not because of his so-called “bigotry”. Bernie wants to take down Donald ’cause the Donald is rich and Bernie hates rich people. Everybody knows Bernie hates rich people, why do you think he wants to take money from the rich and give to the poor? Like Robin Hood? Bernie thinks that taking money from the rich is gonna help the economy which won’t.

Bernie fans know Hillary is bad but they keep supporting Bernie when he continues to show so much support for her. Bernie is Hillary’s ass-kisser and always has been, you delusional idiots. I would not support people who support HIllary so why do you keep supporting Bernie?

If you feel the Bern, get on the Trump train. You don’t have to like Trump, just jump aboard and join us so we can take down Hillary together. Lately, I’ve been trying to get Bernie fans to change their vote. It’ll be hard to do but it can be done. I wish Bernie fans would do their homework. Do their research of what’s really going on in America and they would all see why Trump is the best guy we have. I truly believe Bernie fans are way out of touch with reality.



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