Staying dedicated as a musician is important which a lot of musicians aren’t these days…

It’s nice to see that some people out there notice my dedication to play music and playing guitar. It’s really awesome to hear that people notice my love for music. It’s an important thing to stay dedicated to playing guitar and singing. I know too many musicians out there who aren’t all that dedicated to playing their music at all. Many of them are too lazy to practice. Many of them are too lazy to get better and learn new things. I can go on all day about this. A lot of musicians out there are just too lazy to pick up and play.

Me? I’m always playing. I can play for hours and never get bored of it. I’m always learning new things and trying to hone my talent. In other words, trying to hone my skills which is what I’ve been working on. Trying to improve my guitar playing chops. Take my guitar playing to the next level. Practising and dedication is extremely important. It’s very rare ’cause people don’t really care.

It’s nice to see that people do notice that I’ve been getting better. Playing guitar is pretty much all I do. Whenever I want a break from guitar playing, I’ll just do my other hobbies like read a book, watch a movie or play video games.

If you practice a lot and stay dedicated, people will notice it. You’ll start to get compliments from other people about it. You’ll get new fans this way.

I just love making music ’cause it’s what I do. It’s what I’m all about. It’s amazing that there are still too many musicians who don’t stay “dedicated”. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because they don’t have enough confidence in themselves. That could be it. A lot of musicians are still scared to play music publicly but I’m not. I’m not one of those musicians who go around acting like I’m so great ’cause I know there are many others out there who play better than me.

I’m just a guy that loves music ’cause it’s in my blood. Always has been.



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