Seems like each time I show my love for Led Zeppelin, people want to negatively criticize the band…

It’s pretty obvious that Led Zep still has a lot of haters. Each time I want to talk about the band positively, seems like a lot of people want to criticize them in a negative direction still. People will always find ways to criticize Led Zeppelin. For examples: “They’re the most unoriginal band, they rip off other peoples songs”, “They’re overrated”, “Jimmy Page is a sloppy guitar player”, “Jimmy Page banged a 16 year old groupie”, “Jimmy Page is into black magic and Alistair Crowley”, “Led Zep will never reunite again”, etc. I can go on all day about this.

What is it that each time you want to talk about Led Zep positively, it explodes into a controversial debate? There’s no doubt that Led Zep is a controversial band. They’ve always have been. I’m used to getting shit on each time I want to talk about Led Zep positively. It happens everywhere I want to talk about them.

The thing is that Led Zep is just one of those bands who knows how to get people talking whether positively or negatively. That’s what is so mysterious about the band. Whether you like Led Zeppelin or not, people just love talking about them. They can’t stop talking about them. Even though that Led Zeppelin appears to be done in the music business, people can’t stop talking about them. Why? Because they’re the mighty Zep is why. Led Zep will never be forgotten even if they disappear from the industry.

Even if the band will no longer go on tour or make a new album, Jimmy Page will always try to find a way to keep Led Zep’s legacy alive. That is what’s releasing all those remasters are about. Those 10 Deluxe remasters.

Led Zep is just one of those bands that you either love or hate, I guess. I don’t care what people say. I will always stay loyal to Led Zep ’cause they were one of the bands that inspired me to pick up the guitar. I wouldn’t have been a musician if it weren’t for them. Led Zep means so much to me. I may like all kinds of music and all kinds of bands but Led Zep will always be my no. 1. I’m a true Led Zeppelin fan and soon I would like to start getting some Led Zep related tattoos. I would like to get the 4 Led Zeppelin Zoso symbols for my right forearm and I would like to get the Swan Song for my right shoulder. I really want to start getting tattoos one of these days, just gotta come up with the money for them.

I’m the most die-hard Led Zep fan you’ll ever see. I have all of their studio albums (except for “In Through The Outdoor” which is the only Led Zep album I never liked). I have all of their live albums. I have their live stuff on DVD/Bluray. I have read so much about them through various guitar magazines and biography books. I have also collected Jimmy Page’s projects outside of Led Zep too. I’m also trying to learn all their songs on guitar as well.

It’s interesting how people react to Led Zep either good or bad. I like bands like that. While I do respect the hell out of Robert Plant, JPJ and Bonham… its Jimmy’s guitar playing is what drew me into listening to the band. I’ll never stop being a fan. I don’t care what anyone else thinks.



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