The real reason Bernie didn’t drop out of the race, is he waiting for Hillary to get arrested by FBI?

Don’t let Bernie teaming up with Hillary to take down Trump fool you. That is not the reason that Crazy Bernie didn’t drop out of the race. In reality, I think Bernie doesn’t like Hillary at all. Bernie may seem pretty friendly with her but he is trying to hide the fact that he hates her too.

Mr. Trump here makes a lot of sense that I think the only reason Bernie didn’t drop out of the race is ’cause he’s waiting for FBI to take away Hillary so Bernie can get the nomination for himself. Bernie knows Hillary is probably gonna get the nomination at the DNC but what if she gets arrested by the FBI even before then? Could happen anytime.

Anyway, if Hillary does get arrested by FBI, that still doesn’t mean Bernie is gonna get the nomination. They could give it to Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren or some other corrupt Democrat.

This is how Bernie is planning to take down Trump. He’s waiting for something to happen to Hillary which probably won’t happen.

Bernie and his insane followers are hoping that Bernie will get the nomination at the DNC somehow but I’m willing to bet it isn’t gonna happen. Nothing is gonna happen to Bernie at the DNC. I’m betting your money on it. Bernie is gonna get rejected at the DNC, trust me.

Everybody wants to call Donald Trump egotistical and arrogant but what about Bernie? I think Bernie is no different. Bernie is an ego-driven piece of shit too. He thinks he’s better and tougher than Trump. Bernie wants to call Trump a “toughguy” well Bernie thinks he’s “tough” as well by sending a violent mob to invade Trump rallies. If that’s not desperation, I don’t know what else it is.


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