Bernie doesn’t really like America if his campaign is gonna be about taking down Trump…

Bernie Sanders should keep his focus on the American people but he doesn’t. Instead, he seems to be obsessed with taking down Trump. He should keep his focus on making your life better like he has been doing but instead, he’s all about taking down Trump. It’s obvious Bernie has a pure hatred for rich people since he wants steal from the rich and give to the poor. No wonder he hates Donald Trump so much ’cause Trump is a very rich man. Trump has a billion dollar company and empire. Trump has like over 20 properties all over the US, he has the USA pageants and the Celebrity Apprentice. What did Bernie do in his life?

There’s a lot of talk that Bernie never had a day job in his life and I heard that he lived off of welfare. No surprise if true. Trump accomplished so much things in his life and I haven’t heard many accomplishments about Bernie. It’s easy to say that Hillary had no accomplishments, why is no one attacking Bernie’s record? I bet no one can name a single accomplishment about Bernie either. Bernie has been senator for Vermont for like 16 years I believe and I’ve never even heard of the guy until this election. That says something there.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Bernie and Hillary are jealous of Trump’s success in the business world. I really do believe Bernie hates America and so does his loony supporters. If Bernie fans loved America then you would see them holding American Flags at Trump rallies when they “protest” but you don’t see a single American flag when Bernie/Hillary fans riot at Trump rallies. Why don’t you see Bernie/Hillary supporters holding American flags at Trump rallies? That’s probably Bernie & Hillary ordered the rioters not to bring one. Instead, they hold Mexican flags, communist flags and various type of other flags that has nothing to do with America. Pretty sickening.

Bernie lost the primaries pretty bad and now he wants to continue his campaign to take down Trump? It’s nothing but desperation and jealousy. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio used their campaigns to stop Trump but they failed miserably. Bernie is gonna fail too. I can’t wait to see Bernie react when Trump does get elected in Jan. Bernie is insane just like his followers.

Bernie is an idiot and a dumbass. He needs to quit and go back to Vermont.


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