People finally woke up on Bernie Sanders, maybe they’ll be more careful on who they support next time???

So Bernie sold out his supporters by endorsing Hillary today. Bernie fans are raging mad. Many of Bernie’s die-hard supporters has turned their backs on him… in other words, no longer supporting him. The reason is many Bernie fans don’t want Hillary and they don’t like Bernie supporting her in order to take down Donald Trump. Bernie fans looks surprised and shocked today and I’m watching all this thinking to myself, really? They should have seen this coming a long time ago.

It’s amazing to see that many liberals & independent voters who supported Bernie finally realized what a liar and a fraud Bernie really is. Many of them feel stupid for supporting him. I’ve been trying to warn Bernie fans for a long time not to trust him but of course, they don’t listen. Why are they surprised that Bernie sold out his die-hard fans? Bernie’s a career politician. You can’t trust any career politician. Bernie’s been Senator for 30 years what has he accomplished during those years?

Bernie hates big business, Wall Street and banks… Bernie just sided with a woman who supports all of those. Bernie has always been friendly with Hillary.

Now a lot of Bernie fans who hate Hillary are either gonna go to Trump, Gary Johnson or Jill Stein.

It’s pretty clear that people are never careful on who they vote for ’cause they are so naive that they trust everything so easily. Will they be more careful on who they support next time? No. They will always be dumb and misinformed. Them planning to vote for Gary Johnson or Jill Stein to vote against Trump is proof of that. The Never Trump idiots will do anything so they won’t have to vote for Trump. They don’t care what the other candidates policies & issues are which is sad. It’s just that the Never Trump idiots will support anyone who hates Donald Trump which is even sadder.

They really do think Trump is bad for America which shows that they are even more misinformed but at least they finally woke up about Bernie Sanders, though. They shouldn’t have trusted Bernie to begin with. They now know how much of a whack job Bernie is which is amazing.

Lets see how many Bernie fans will go to Trump, Gary and Jill. I’ll be looking out for the polls on this one. I bet more ex-Bernie fans will go to Trump. Some will go to Gary and Jill but most will go to Trump. My bets are on it, y’all.




One thought on “People finally woke up on Bernie Sanders, maybe they’ll be more careful on who they support next time???”

  1. I voted for Bernie the Fraudster in the primaries; but will definitely be voting for TRUMP 2016.

    Appreciate all your posts. Thanks so much.


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