Book Review: “Fortunate Son” by John Fogerty…

So I finally finished reading John Fogerty’s rock memoir “Fortunate Son”. I thought it was a really good book. I’ve read many rock memoirs written by famous rock stars over the years and I think this one is the best one. Fogerty’s story is really interesting. This book is much different than all the others too. You know how most rock memoirs they mostly focus on the sex, drugs & rock n’ roll? Well, in this book you’re gonna read a lot about rock n’ roll but you’re not gonna read anything about sex & drugs. Why? Simply because Fogerty wasn’t into the music for girls and partying. He was strictly in it for the music alone.

In this book, goes from his childhood all the way up to his latest solo album release, “Wrote a Song For Everyone”. Fogerty went into talking about the making of each studio album he did with Creedence and his solo career which was interesting stuff to read. I liked reading about how he made each studio album.

The main reason why I wanted to read this book is ’cause not only that I’m a huge fan of CCR and Fogerty’s solo music, I wanted to read this book ’cause I wanted to read about his legal battle with Fantasy records and Saul Zaents. His legal battle with Fantasy records is pretty crazy stuff.

If you think being a rock n’ roll musician is easy well you might want to re-think that ’cause once you read this book, makes you want to think twice about getting signed. John had a difficult career, he really did. He had to go through betrayals with members of CCR and his feud with Fantasy records. When you want to be a rock musician, you have to deal with some setbacks ’cause you’re gonna through that a lot. You’re gonna have ups and downs in music. That’s the way it is. Even Fogerty went through ups and downs in his musical career.

Even though Fogerty went through a lot of negative stuff in his life, still though, he won the CCR catalog back which he totally deserves. He may have won his songs back but still though, it wasn’t an easy battle for him. That’s the thing when you want to be a musician, you got to deal with a lot of big egos and jealousies from people. Crazy.

If you’re a fan of CCR and a fan of rock music like myself, this is a must read book.




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