Are Bernie fans secretly supporting Hillary?

Not too long ago Bernie Sanders announced he is teaming up with Hillary in order to take down Donald Trump after Bernie miserably lost the primaries. What doesn’t make any sense to me about all this is that many Bernie fans hate Hillary with a passion so here is Bernie teaming up with her and siding with her. Bernie has always seem pretty supportive of Hillary and always too friendly with her. What I don’t get is, since Bernie fans hate Hillary why do they keep supporting him? You don’t see any Bernie fans getting mad at Bernie for siding with Hillary at all. Why is that? I think the answer is quite simple really.

The answer is that many Bernie fans who claim to be Hillary haters are actually closet Hillary supporters. I think they secretly support her and planning on voting for her in Nov. to vote against Trump. None of them will want to admit it, though. If they really hated Hillary then they would have jumped aboard the Trump train in order to stop her but none of them have yet. Do they really hate Hillary or not? I don’t think they do. They’re being secretive about it and will never admit it that they’re a Hillary supporter. If they’re still supporting Bernie then that means it’s a vote for Hillary. Period.

Bernie fans are a bunch of lunatics and they continue to be.


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