Led Zep wins “Stairway” trial dismissal, jury ruled band didn’t steal opening riff…

Everybody wants to accuse Led Zeppelin of stealing songs and everyone wants to be “right” on Led Zep stealing “Stairway” from Spirit. Well, look like they’re wrong after all ’cause the mighty Zep just won the trial dismissal today.

Today is a great day for Led Zeppelin and their fans. Now they don’t have to add any additional credits and they don’t have to pay any money either. Which is good news. Now the band can leave this all behind them and they can use the song however they want to now.

Everybody wants to see Led Zep guilty of stealing songs but even if they did, who cares? All rock bands steal songs all the time. It’s pretty common in the music industry anyways. Get the fuck over it, sheesh.



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