What about bands that rip off Led Zeppelin?

Everybody wants to get onto Led Zeppelin for ripping off other songs but what about other bands that rip off them? Plenty of other famous rock bands have stole riffs and ideas from Led Zeppelin but you never see other bands get in trouble for it.


When other bands rip off Led Zep songs, how come you never see Led Zep accusing them of plagiarism? How come you never see Led Zep suing other bands for stealing riff ideas and trying to sound like them?

That’s because Zeppelin is better than that. They’re a pretty humble band. I’m sure they’re flattered that other musicians and bands were inspired by them. So if other bands want to borrow a riff from one of their songs, I’m sure Led Zep will welcome it. Led Zep is the most influential band of all time. Many musicians do what they do ’cause of them. That’s how I’ve become a musician myself ’cause I wanted to be like Jimmy Page. I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that a lot of my own guitar playing is Jimmy Page inspired.

Sometimes bands borrow stuff from other bands, sometimes it happens coincidentally.

It’s hard to make music that’s completely original these days ’cause everything has already been done.



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