DNC Leaks also proves that Democrats controls the media like I’ve been saying all along…

I’ve been saying many years that the mainstream media is full of liberal bias everywhere and the DNC Leaks finally prove me right. I didn’t need Wikileaks to prove me right on that ’cause I knew it all along. Just like everyone else knew it all along. Wikileaks just proved that Democrats control the mainstream media. Not only that the DNC Leaks proved that the system is rigged, it also proved that the mainstream media is Democrat controlled.

If you go to the WIkileaks site and check out the DNC e-mails, you would see DNC execs having discussions with news journalists of what they can and cannot report.

What is the narrative of the mainstream media? Make Hillary Clinton look good. Make Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders look bad. Pretty easy to understand, right? Both Trump and Sanders are being treated unfairly by the media. It’s interesting how people respond to that. People feel sorry for Bernie on the way he’s being treated by the media while NeverTrumpers actually believe what the media says about Trump. It’s just messed up but that’s politics, though.

You see how things work is that the media goes to Democrats for approval first before publishing their articles. Since the DNC is in control of the media… the Obama administration is too.

Sad that some people still take the mainstream media seriously ’cause I never did. Thing is, each time I trash the media saying how they can’t be trusted and not credible, people would usually defend them. What are liberals best defense when it comes to the media? They would make claims that mainstream media sources are the most respected outlets out there. For example, “The Washington Post”…. that newspaper is nothing but a liberal rag but when you trash them, liberals defend them claiming they are the most “respected” and “trusted” source. Then they would try to prove their point by showing me the Washington Posts accolades like winning awards and showing me ridiculous polls showing me how they are trusted. I’m really? All that stuff doesn’t prove anything on how they are “trusted”.

Yes, liberal bias in the media is real. Get over it. The media is very liberal these days ’cause they believe that’s how we see the world when we don’t.

This is how Donald Trump can totally change the media around when he’s elected. He could simply stop the government from taking control of the media and honest journalism can comeback that way. That way journalists can write what they want and not get controlled by the government.

Democrats in government do not follow the 1st amendment in the Constitution. Isn’t “freedom of speech” supposed to have the freedom to say what you please without government interference? That’s exactly what’s going on here.

Speaking of the DNC, I plan to watch DNC tonight. I don’t really want to ’cause I know it’s gonna be a circus and it’s already a circus right now. DNC has a lot of Hillary haters there so there’s gonna be a lot of booing all night. I plan to watch anyways to stay informed. I’m curious on what Bernie and Michelle Obama has to say tonight.



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