Was Bernie paid to endorse Hillary? Is that why he won’t retract endorsement after DNC Leaks???

Who in the right mind would continue to endorse Hillary and continue to work with her if Hillary stabbed someone in the back? That’s what happened to Bernie Sanders. Wikileaks decided to expose DNC and Hillary working together through the mainstream media plotting to take Bernie out of the election which they did a good job at. They plotted to rob Bernie of the nomination which was a success for them. Bernie thought Democrats and the Hillary camp were behind him but they weren’t after all that time.

For a few days, Bernie stayed silent on this controversy. A few days later, Bernie calls for Debbie Wasserman Schultz who is the chairwoman of the DNC to step-down from office which she did. While Bernie did “disavow” the DNC leaks, however he refuses to say whether or not he’s gonna retract Hillary’s endorsement which he really should.


Remember that one time when Bernie said to Hillary’s face at a Democrat Debate, “I’m sick and tired of your damn e-mails”. Well, maybe Bernie should be worried about the e-mails now? Bernie should care about Hillary’s server ’cause you never know what else she has planned for him.

Why would Bernie continue to endorse Hillary after she clearly stole the election from him? My guess is that Bernie was probably paid to endorse her. If he retracted the endorsement, his life could be in danger so I don’t think he would ever do it.

Bernie is still scheduled to speak at the DNC later this evening and I’m probably gonna tune in to hear what he has to say.

There is no doubt that Bernie is more popular than Hillary. The election was definitely robbed from him. Whether you like Bernie or not, he still has the right to run for president if he pleases.

So Debbie Wasserman stepped down from the DNC and right away Crooked Hillary hired Debbie for a job in her campaign. So what’s going on here? Something’s going on and it’s not good.

I’ll be watching the DNC this week ’cause I need to stay informed and see what’s going on in for both sides of the spectrum.



One thought on “Was Bernie paid to endorse Hillary? Is that why he won’t retract endorsement after DNC Leaks???”

  1. re: “Was Bernie paid”… He’s was offered (and has inked) a very nice/lucrative book deal with Thomas Dunne Books, a subsidiary of the big MacMillan Publishers, which has published at least a dozen “positive spin” books on Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, etc. etc. In essence, in the end, the “revolutionary” Bernie Sanders, was bought and paid for by the Clintons for him to “shut up and support”

    Of course this whole DNC primary was rigged. I say: “The Party’s Over!”

    Sincerely, a K’Brocking subscriber & DONALD TRUMP 2016!


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