Democrats never liked Hispanics/Latinos, funny thing is liberals fell for it all and believed them…


For many years, it may have seemed like Democrats liked Hispanics/Latino people but I think they’ve been fooled all along. Democrats & Liberals get so obsessed with calling Trump a bigot and a racist over his stance on “illegal immigration” well, look who are the real bigots and racists now, you bunch of idiots.

The image above was taken from Wikileaks, of course. Here are some more e-mails from the DNC Leaks that shows that Democrats don’t care about Hispanic people:

Here’s a little something on how DNC next week planning to destroy Trump on being “divisive” with Hispanics… this shows even more that Democrats don’t care about Latinos. They just want the vote.

You get the idea now? For the longest time Democrats and the media tried to make you believe that calling hispanics “illegal aliens” and “criminals” is bigoted and divisive. They did all they could to defend hispanics. Now it’s looking like they never cared for them thanks for Wikileaks for exposing Democrats.

This is how liberal political figures win elections ’cause Democrats do whatever it takes to get hispanic voters.

Well their plan to get hispanic voters failed miserably ’cause a lot of hispanic voters are supporting Trump now. I’m pretty sure even more Hispanics will be supporting Trump after finding out that Democrats and the DNC never cared for them all along.



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