Bernie fans still want their Bernie to be prez even though he’s still kissing Hillary’s ass.. wtf???

Those Bernie fans continue to be a bunch of insane and uneducated lunatics. Many Bernie fans say they all hate Hillary, well, most of them anyway. For one minute, you thought their hearts were broken ’cause Bernie endorsed Hillary and Bernie continues to kiss Hillary’s ass on her campaign trail. For a little while I thought Bernie fans were angry at their Bernie for being all for Hillary after Bernie said she was unqualified for president but it seems that Bernie fans are still supporting him. Which is totally messed up… Hillary robs the Democratic nomination from Bernie and then he continues to support her after?

Ya know, all those Bernie fanatics wouldn’t have jumped aboard the Hillary hating bandwagon after Bernie told them how bad she is. Now he’s got a major hardon for her all of a sudden? After Bernie continues to kiss Hillary’s ass (someone they claim they don’t like), they want him to be president still? They still believe Bernie is gonna get elected due as a write-in on the ballot.

This is proof that Bernie fans are messed up and insane individuals. They’re all obsessed with Bernie despite his support for Hillary and they claim they don’t like her. Many of them are still secretly supporting Bernie too.

Not all Bernie fans are still supporting Bernie though, many have given up on him and shifted their support to Donald Trump instead which is smart. Some went over to Gary Johnson or Jill Stein. Many Bernie fans are still scared to support Donald Trump, that’s because they’re still dumb, insane and uneducated. They always will be.

Bernie fans are the most craziest people I’ve ever seen ’cause why? Simply because Bernie himself is crazy. Bernie is nothing but a nutjob and I can never understand why he’s loved so much ’cause to me, I find nothing special about Bernie. Bernie Sanders is just another all-talk no action politician and just another lunatic who’ll say anything to get elected.

Learn to accept it, idiots. Bernie will never be president.




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