10 Things I’m sick of hearing about Donald Trump by NeverTrump idiots…

Those NeverTrump idiots will do and say anything to make Donald Trump look ridiculous. When will those NeverTrump idiots ever get the hint that they have a very small audience? They still don’t seem to realize that yet but we’ll prove that they have a small audience when it comes to election day Nov. 8th. They’re gonna get a nice surprise when Trump is victorious Nov. 8th and I can’t wait to see the NeverTrumpers reaction when he does win the election. It’s gonna happen, folks. Believe me.

When it comes to NeverTrumpers negative opinions against Donald Trump, all I see is the same things over and over again. They can’t think of a  good reason to dislike him. It’s usually the same things the media says and it’s usually the same things politicians says. Here the 10 most ridiculous arguments that I’m sick of hearing by NeverTrumpers and I’ll explain why they’re ridiculous too:

  • Trump is a racist: This one is the big one.  Trump is definitely no racist and it should be pretty easy to see. People of all races support Trump that includes blacks, hispanics, asians, etc. He’s been in the public eye for over 30 years and he has never been called a racist until he decided to run for president.
  • Trump is a woman hater and misogynist: This is another big one by NeverTrumpers that I find ridiculous. You can’t be a woman hater and a racist at the same time so which is it? Trump definitely doesn’t hate women ’cause there are many women that love him. He has many women on the Trump Train. Plus, he has done the USA Pageant and has hired women through his companies. I never believed he was a misogynist ’cause all it is it’s just a huge media lie. Sad that people actually believe it.
  • Trump’s businesses has gone bankrupt: Aaaawww so some of Trump’s businesses has gone bankrupt makes him a bad man. I’m not sure if it’s true or not but even if it’s true that some of his businesses has gone bankrupt, who cares? That’s all part of business and businesses go bankrupt all the time so it’s not a big deal. I’m not worried about Trump’s bankrupt businesses when I’m more worried about bringing America back on track.
  • Trump hasn’t release his tax returns yet:  I don’t care about Trump’s tax returns until I see all of Hillary’s e-mails that she didn’t release yet.
  • Trump hates Mexicans: As soon as Trump said he was gonna build a wall and keep illegals out of the country, everybody’s gotta be like, “Oh no, Trump hates Mexicans”. Um, no. Donald Trump doesn’t hate Mexicans, only the ones that are here, “illegally”. The legal Mexicans he has no problem with. It doesn’t make someone racist for wanting protect oneself and others. Many people hate Trump over his stance on illegal immigrants ’cause some people believe that illegal aliens aren’t dangerous criminals. Not all illegal aliens are dangerous criminals but a lot of ’em are. People can’t see it yet ’cause the media and career politicians (including Republicans) are very protective over illegal aliens, it’s sickening.
  • Trump says bad things about Muslims: Trump doesn’t say bad things about all Muslims, only the radical ones. Just the terrorists, not the good ones. Ya know, “Radical Islam”. Trump still respects Muslims, he doesn’t like the bad ones. On top of that, Muslims deserves to be treated badly ’cause they keep putting Americans lives in danger, they kill people and we have to keep looking over our shoulder.
  • Trump isn’t qualified to be president: Really? He’s totally qualified. Trump is the most successful CEO and businessman. He owns a huge empire and that’s the kind of leader we need to run the country. We need a businessman president. Someone who knows business, money and good at negotiating with people. Trump is good with all three. Being a businessman is part of politics, indeed ’cause it has something to do with “economics” and all that stuff. Trump created many jobs with his businesses.
  • Trump is anti-gay: No. Trump is a friend to the gay community. He always has been. That’s why more and more people from the LGBT community are starting to support him ’cause they are starting to realize that after the Muslim shooting at Pulse nightclub. Trump is getting more popular with gays and they are starting to wake up about “Radical Islam”. Trump maybe against gay marriage but he has always been friendly to gays… Trump even agreed with the transgender bathroom thing so take that if you will.
  • Trump supports the Iraq War: They’re always trying to make it look like that Trump is only on one side but he isn’t. If you watched all the debates through the primaries you would see Trump have heated feuds with Jeb over George W’s “Iraq War”. Trump slammed Bush for the Iraq War many times. Trump always said he’s no fan of George W.
  • Trump is an arrogant, egotistical jerk who only cares for himself: In my eyes, I don’t think he is at all. This man has done a lot of good deeds for people and he does have heart. Like the thing he did with Jennifer Hudson after the murder/suicide tragedy. Here are more good things Trump has done to people that the media will never talk about and also check out the video below where Trump helps a girl with bone disease. In reality, Trump is a really good man and has a heart of gold! : http://regated.com/2016/05/great-things-trump-done/

So keep talking shit about Trump, NeverTrump idiots! Landslide win coming for Trump Nov. 8th, get ready!




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