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Bono of U2 puts liberal politics aside to support Steve Scalise, police and the GOP after Alexandria, Virginia baseball game shooting…

Well, it appears that Bono and the band U2 are on Team Scalise, absolutely! Bono is a very liberal guy, he really is but I know there are times when he has no choice to be real when he needs to be. I know liberals have a deep hatred for Republicans and Conservatives. I’m sure Bono does too but he’s smart enough to put politics aside and have some heart. Ya know, something called “compassion” is the correct word I’m looking for.

U2 has the balls to show respect and love for the victims and law enforcement after the Alexandria shooting. Take note from Bono, liberals!


Of course, most of the mainstream media ignores this. CNN doesn’t say anything about it and neither does NBC. Media hates when people do positive things for Republican people, it’s disgusting.

Look, you may disagree with GOP political views all you want to but when they’re suffering, you should put politics aside and have some heart but most liberals don’t. Ever since this shooting happened, I haven’t seen one liberal publicly condemn the shooting. They never put out their thoughts and prayers or none of that stuff. Shameful.

I don’t like Bono’s politics but I loved what he did here. Like I said, take note from Bono, liberals. It doesn’t hurt to be kind and give some love to conservatives even if you don’t agree with their views. Try it sometime!


Incredible how much hatred the left have toward Republicans/Conservatives in America… the shooting in Alexandria, Virginia is proof of that…

Like everyone else, I’m also saddened and heartbroken by the news of the latest shooting in Alexandria, Virginia earlier this morning. God Bless to Rep. Steve Scalise and other members of the GOP who were hurt in this tragedy. Thoughts and prayers goes out to them and their families.

Anyway, this should be good enough to prove that the left have so much hatred toward Republicans and Conservative people in America. It was no surprise to me that the shooter turned out to be a liberal and he was also a Bernie supporter.

I gotta say that the left’s hatred toward the right is getting way out of hand. We always knew that the left always had strong hatred for the right but their hatred for us “conservatives” has gotten stronger. It’s gotta stop. Really, liberals, us “conservatives” aren’t that bad at all. We’re humans just like you.

Staying on one side of the spectrum is very dangerous and now look what happened. The left is trying to normalize violence toward the right and Trump supporters and they’re doing a very good job of that. The left has all kinds of problems. Having so much hatred toward the “right-wing” community and Trump supporters. Grow the fuck up, y’all. The world doesn’t revolve around you. Not everyone is going to have the same opinions and views as you so get the fuck over yourselves.

Politics isn’t all that black and white, you idiots. A lot of people accused us of being “too far on the right” but we’re not at all. Stop living in this delusional fantasy world that liberals are the good guys and conservatives are bad.

When are we ever going to unite and get along? Of course, I totally blame the left’s hatred on the right on the MSM for sure. They’re mostly responsible and blood is on the MSM’s hands. We really gotta end this “left vs. right” bullshit ’cause it’s getting out of hand. It’s gotta stop.

There’s no doubt that the left despises the “right” ’cause I’ve gotten slammed and attacked by many of them. Many on the left refuses to support my music simply because I have “conservative” beliefs, it’s ridiculous. Look, I use to have no problem with liberals. I can get along with them fine as long as they get along with me. After the Alexandria shooting, this makes me want to despise liberals even more.

I’m beginning to be scared of liberals now, seriously. When I go out in public like go out to the mall or go to the gym, sometimes I worry if I’m going to get confronted by a liberal ’cause I’m a Trump supporter. It’s a huge part of why I’ve gotten into boxing and now I’m thinking about maybe getting a legal gun permit for protection.

Of course, the left predictably blames guns like always. You know the old saying, “guns don’t kill people, people kill people?”. It’s true. The trigger doesn’t get pulled by itself, you idiots. It gets pulled ’cause you made that decision. Taking away our guns is not gonna stop gun violence ’cause people don’t follow laws and no matter how much guns get taken away, they’ll always find ways smuggle some in the country.

Get out of your delusional left-wing fantasy world. The Alexandria shooting is also proof that the mainstream media is the enemy of America. Stuff like this is why Trump won the election.

Bernie Sanders is also hugely responsible ’cause he’s driving his supporters to have deep hatred toward Trump. Blood is on his hands too. I never liked Bernie at all so glad I never supported that clown.

Yeah, it’s understandable that you have a right to dislike a president. You do have that right but what we’re getting annoyed about is the left not accepting that Trump is our president. We had to get forced to accept Obama as our president even if we don’t like him — well, you should have the same feelings for Trump.

The left has no doubt became more hateful, aggressive and evil than ever before.