Hillary reignites feud with Bernie in her new book… oh wow… here we go…

So Bernie Sanders got robbed by the DNC of the Democratic nomination, and then he was forced to team up with Hillary to try and take down Donald Trump. No doubt, Bernie was forced to join the Hillary campaign so he can help her win the 2016 elections; however, Bernie failed miserably at that. In Hillary’s new upcoming book, she ripped him for it so I take it that this Bernie vs. Hillary is back on? Apparently so!


Truthfully, Hillary never liked Bernie at all. She just used him to help her win the election. She’s now blaming him for her losing and accusing him of inspiring the “Crooked Hillary” nickname. LMAO! Hillary blames everything; she comes up with one excuse after another. This woman needs a lot of psychological help for sure. She’s all about herself, and it’s incredible how conceited she can be.

Hey Hillary, Bernie did not inspire the “Crooked Hillary” nickname. The American people called you that ’cause that’s exactly what you are, you stupid bitch. Everyone hates you Hillary and we all want you to go away forever. You get called “Crooked Hillary” ’cause you are nothing but a fuckin’ crook. You belong in prison. We’re all fed up with you… even many on the left hates you.

I’m no Bernie fan, but no doubt that he is being controlled by the Clintons and possibly by Obama too.




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