Really TIME magazine? Crooked Hillary first female to win Democratic nomination is big news??? LMAO… WOW!!!

Just when the Fake News MSM can’t get any more stupider. Here’s TIME magazine, releasing this dumb video about Crooked Hillary being the first female nominee in a presidential election. Seriously? We’re all supposed to care about this? Is that supposed to be a historic thing, “first female candidate to win a nomination in a president race”? Yeah, she has a new book coming out, and they could be  doing this to help start a buzz for a Hillary 2020 as well. This video is just laughable.

What’s historic is that Donald Trump beat Hillary, Bernie and 16 Republicans to become the 45th President of the United States. How come TIME magazine didn’t do a video on that? Oh that’s right, the Fake News MSM are lapdogs for liberals. It’s a shame that the Fake News MSM are in bed with Hillary and they refuse to support our current prez.

This is just an excuse for the MSM to try and ram her down our throats some more. Hey Fake News, you can’t get us to respect Hillary… respect is earned. She lost the election ’cause we all despise her.

She lost. Get the fuck over  it, already! Nobody cares about Hillary.


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