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Bernie hates rich people but he’s rich himself, how nice…

With Bernie Sanders owning 3 homes in the United States and having a really hot sports car, this article doesn’t come to a surprise at all. Bernie spent a lot of time throughout the campaign trail, going on TV interviews and going on twitter bashing rich people. It’s quite obvious that Bernie has a lot of hatred for rich people but Bernie is rich himself.

Check this article out:


Ya know, if poverty is such a problem then why don’t Bernie give up some of his money for the poor? You never see Bernie donating money to the homeless and there are also all kinds of charities out there where you can donate money to the poor  but you never see Bernie and his die-hard fan base doing any of that. Instead they’re hating on rich people.

Bernie Sanders, another liberal hypocrite politician. Nothing to see here. A hypocrite like the rest of ’em in Congress. I don’t know why those libtards love Bernie Sanders so much when he hasn’t accomplished anything. He’s also another “All Talk and no action” loser. Just talks a bunch of good stuff and gets nothing done but libtards still love him.

I never liked Bernie from the very beginning and still don’t. Glad I never supported this crazy old loon.