Those left-leaning “independents”, just as bad as die-hard liberals? Yes, absolutely!

This continues to be a problem. People claiming to be “independent” voters. Meaning they are both against Democrat and Republican politics; however, the only problem with that is many of these so-called “independents” still talk like liberals. They mostly still have views that are pretty “liberal”. These are people who still get their sources from the liberal MSM. They still get their info from liberal political figures like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and others. They still believe there is nothing wrong with Barack Obama even though most of them hates Hillary.

Yeah, those die-hard liberals are pretty bad with their politics but those so-called “independents” (or what I call them “closeted” liberals) are a lot worse, in my opinion. I think these people who call themselves “independents” are confused on what “independents” actually means. An independent is someone who doesn’t “align” themselves with either parties, meaning they are against both sides of the spectrum. Even though these people call themselves “independents”, they still seem to align themselves with the left, really. They proclaim themselves as “independents” but they’ll never admit they’re closeted liberals and that’s just my opinion.

When they don’t want to be called “liberals”, then they’ll try to call themselves “libertarians” even they don’t know what “libertarianism” is either.

Debating politics against those so-called “independents” can be really frustrating, though. Many of them love Bernie, so go figure. Once again, I think they’re just closeted liberals.

Many so-called “independents” hate Trump when they shouldn’t have to. What they can’t seem to understand is that the true “independent” voters support Trump and voted for him. Look it up if you don’t believe me. Many independent voters the true ones stopped supporting Bernie and switched their support for Trump. Many so-called “independents” are misinformed and out of touch with reality, though. It’s crazy.

I just find it silly that people call themselves “independents” but they still think and talk like a liberal. Really weird to me. I’m sure you’ve seen this problem yourself.


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