Jaliek Rainwalker remains finally found? Skull found and it could be him… #JusticeForJaliek

I’ve been silent on the Jaliek Rainwalker case ’cause there was no info and no updates… finally here is an update on the case from the Post Star. Police found a portion of a young boy’s skull in Greene County. The remains were found in state land of Coxsackie. Not far from an area where the Hudson flows floods and high tides.

My guess is that who ever was trying to hide the body, dumped the body in the river and left the head behind?


I’ve been saying for years that Jaliek was murdered for a long time but I got slammed by delusional idiots for it. They started feeling sorry for the boy’s family and siding with them and stuff. Disgusting. If the remains found turns out to be Jaliek after all then I’ll be the one to tell the doubters, “I told ya so”.

I totally blame the boy’s adoptive parents like everyone else. I think the same way. The boy’s parents are going to prison soon. This case deserves a closure and this boy needs a proper burial so the boy’s other family members can move on with their lives.

Lets hope and pray that the skull found turns out to be Jaliek after all. The adoptive parents need to be arrested and locked up. The adoptive father killed the kid and his wife tried to protect him by covering it up. Trust me, they will get caught. Hopefully this case will be over with soon!



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