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Cool Photo: Marty McFly and Doc Brown reunion at the Scream Awards!

This pic is so badass, I just had to post it! Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd reunion at the 2010 Scream Awards. Here they are posing for photogs. Ever since these two haven’t been doing the Back to the Future series, their looks haven’t changed one bit. Very weird! I love the Back to the Future trilogy, all three films are great!


Cool Video: Michael J. Fox reprises his role as Marty McFly for “Scream” awards teaser!!!!

It may not be “Back to the Future: Part IV” but this is better than nothing! Michael J. Fox, finally got his opportunity to reprise his role as Marty McFly, but in a commercial for the “Scream” awards teaser. This teaser is so badass! Michael still plays Marty McFly very well, even with Parkinson’s Disease!

I so wish there could be a “Back to the Future: part IV”. If Michael was never diagnosed with Parkinson’s, there probably would have been a part IV.

Check out this awesome video! I love the Back to the Future trilogy!


Cool Video: See footage of actor Eric Stoltz play Marty McFly here, thanks to CNN…

CNN exclusively released rare never before seen footage of Eric Stoltz, the first actor that was originally signed to play Marty McFly in, “Back to the Future”. Rob Zemeckis and Steven Spielberg shot 5 weeks of filming with Eric, but they ended up firing the guy from the role because they felt he didn’t fit. The job obviously went to Michael J. Fox instead, of course! The film makers of “Back to The Future” never shown this footage publicly. You can see the rest of the Eric Stoltz footage on the upcoming “Back to the Future” Blu Ray set, which I will definitely buy! This video is very cool and it’s worth seeing!


Report: “Back to the Future” trilogy on it’s way to Blu Ray Oct. 26!!! This is a must buy for me!!

I’m definitely getting this. I’m a huge “Back to the Future” fan. Even though I already have the trilogy on DVD, I’m still getting the Blu Ray versions. I’m getting it for the 2 hours of never before seen footage.


I don’t get Blu Ray too much. Only Blu Ray I have in my collection is “WW II in HD”. I stick with collecting DVD ’cause I’m waiting for prices on Blu Ray to go down. Prices on Blu Ray is slowly going down, but the new releases on Blu Ray is very pricey. Blu Ray movies is way cool though and definitely different than DVD. Picture and sound is better especially when you have an HD TV like I have.


Report: Guitar World snubs Michael J. Fox for “Johnny B. Goode” in their “Top 10 Big Screen Moments” list…

I usually like Guitar World magazine, but I’m dissapointed in their “Top 10 Big Screen Moments” list, where they list the top guitar moments of all time in film. I agree with everything in this list, but I can’t believe they snubbed Michael J. Fox, left him off the list. Marty McFly playing “Johnny B. Good” in “Back to the Future” is the greatest guitar film moment of all time.

Check out the list here:


Are the editors of Guitar World living under a rock? Have they even seen, “Back to the Future”? Marty McFly playing “Johnny B. Goode” is such a badass scene. It’s such a shame that scene was left out of the list. If you’re going to do a top “Best Guitar moments in films” list and not include this in, you’re not the true music lover that you say you are.


Report: “Back to the Future” soundtrack now available…

This is super cool, a limited edition only of the “Back to the Future” movie soundtrack is now available to order online. This is for the instrumental score only. It won’t have the songs by Huey Lewis and Chuck Berry.

Check it out here:


“Back to the Future” the first one anyways, is one of my favorite films ever. It’s such a classic and a great family film with perfection. Especially the film’s beautiful music score. It has the best scoring of film history.