Denzel Washington, “Celebrity is really overrated”… I agree…

Denzel’s the freakin’ man! I loved it when he said this, “My father worked 50 years for the water department, he was also a minister and he worked three jobs all the time,” Washington told the New York Post’s Page Six during the New York premiere of his new drama, Fences. “He made it, he was successful. Celebrity is really overrated — we don’t want anything to do with celebrity. I am an actor.”

I totally agree that term “celebrity” is overrated. How about calling these people “actors” instead of “celebrities”? In my opinion, that term celebrity was made up by the entertainment media and gossip sites like TMZ. What a lot of you don’t realize is that a lot of actors who act in big screen movies, hate fame. They really do. Like Denzel said a lot of “actors” don’t want anything to do with “celebrity”. Why do you think actors hate the paparazzi?

A lot of actors don’t see themselves as famous people. They’re just regular people like all of us. You want proof of that? Go to facebook or twitter and they would show you how normal they really are. They eat, sleep, talk, piss and get sick like all of us. They’re no different than us, ya know? You know how real people like us work regular day jobs like at an office job, construction or whatever your field of work is? Well these “actors” see acting in movies as their regular day job. That’s what they do for a living. They act in movies ’cause they enjoy it. That’s what they’re passionate about. Everybody has their own way of doing work. Well that’s what these actors do for work.

Do these actors deserve to get paid millions for what they do? Oh yeah, absolutely! These actors in Hollywood always get criticized by movie fans for getting rich off of making movies. They deserve to get paid a lot ’cause acting is a hard job. Really try it yourself. It’s not easy. Making a movie is a tough and overwhelming job. These actors work on films all day long and all night. They spent most of their lives training to become an actor ’cause acting isn’t easy as it looks. While most people bash actors, most of them don’t want to admit they watch most of their work and enjoy ’em. They give their blood, sweat and tears to make all this entertainment for us so fuck yeah, they deserve to get paid millions for sure. I’m sticking with my opinion.

If you check out these actors official FB pages, Sylvester Stallone and Vin Diesel, those guys post videos talking on video to you all the time. They make their own videoblogs for the internet and you watch videos by those guys, you would see they are just people like us. I follow Vin Diesel’s official FB page and he posts all these videos of himself all the time — I’m surprised of how down to earth and cool Vin Diesel seems. He’s just a normal guy. Sly Stallone is a normal guy.

I wish the media and gossip sites would stop calling them “celebrities”. How about calling them actors or even better, “people”? They call them celebrities ’cause how they get paid and make their money. That’s how gossip sites and gossip bloggers stay in business. Before the internet there was no such thing as gossip sites but we still had gossip TV shows like “Entertainment Tonight” and the E! channel. It’s real sad that the media and gossip sites obsesses over “celebrities”. It’s pathetic. Leave them the fuck alone is what I would say!


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