Report: Sacha Baron Cohen banned from attending the Oscars!!!!!

The Academy, just banned actor/comedian, Sacha Baron Cohen from attending the Oscars this Sunday night, even though he has a role in the film, “Hugo” (which is nominated for Best Picture). The reason? They’re just worried that he may come on the red carpet in character of the upcoming film he’s in, “The Dictator”. Plus, I’m sure they’re worried that Sacha might do something crazy & offensive on the red carpet (like mooning people or doing homosexual dancing to other men that he’s known to doing).

Deadline reports.

*sigh* I’m real tired of the Oscars giving Sacha a hard time. It just goes to show that the Academy can’t understand comedy. I know comedies have gotten Oscar nods in the past, but they would be family friendly comedies. I don’t think any slapstick or offensive comedies got anything over the years.

In reality, I don’t think he would do anything crazy or stupid ’cause he would be grown up enough to know what kind of show he is on. He attended the Golden Globes out of character many times.

He maybe controversial, yes, but this shows that he is talented at what he is doing, even if he is creating negative attention.


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