My 5 biggest inspirations in music…

I may talk a lot about music in this site and a lot of you should know by now that I am also a guitar player. Some of you may ask what are my biggest influences or inspirations in music. Who are the ones that made me want to pick up the guitar and become a musician myself.

I will name 5 of them:

  • Led Zeppelin – They would have to be my no. 1. Most guitar players get inspired by the blues and other rock music, but Led Zep would be my no. 1 influence. It was Led Zeppelin IV that made me want to pick up the guitar. After hearing that album, I wanted to be like Jimmy Page. I started guitar playing at a late age at the age of 18.
  • Neil Young – He was the one that made me want to start writing my own music. I wanted to write songs and sing like him. Neil is a hero of mine, always.
  • David Bowie – Yeah, I talk a lot about David Bowie in this site, that’s because I’m a huge fan and admirer.
  • Jimi Hendrix – You’re not a true guitar player if you have not been inspired by Hendrix. He’s been a major influence in me, in some way. I listened to a lot of Hendrix over the years, and he makes me want to get better at guitar solos and improvisation.
  • Johnny Cash – I’m not into country music that much, but Johnny’s music meant something to me over the years. I’m planning on covering some of his stuff for my youtube channel as well.

I’m inspired by most music, but those 5 above are my main heroes. Enjoy!


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