Rick did a good job in the Arizona debate tonight…

Rick Santorum was accused of being a fake conservative, so he defended himself pretty good tonight, he owned Ron Paul who accused him of being a fake. “Conservative”, meaning someone who believes in personal responsibility, limited government, and moral values, which are considered the “right wing”. The “left wing” are liberals.

Which is why I like Rick ’cause I like “conservatism”. I agree with Rick on a lot of things. His thoughts on the “No Child Left Behind” thing was pretty interesting. Even if his thoughts maybe pretty heated, at least he had the guts to say what he had to say. I also agreed with his thoughts on Iran that something needs to be done about that country ’cause I agree they could have nuclear weapons, and it was wrong for Ron Paul to claim there’s no evidence that Iran has them.

Overall, I liked the debat tonight. It was interesting. Lot of bullshitting and trash talking but that’s the name of the game with politics!!! All 4 of the guys did well tonight, no matter what your opinion on them are. I’m still rooting for Rick to kick ass though.

Rick maybe a controversial dude, but he means well. He’s honest, smart, and knows what he’s talking about. People say he’s crazy but I don’t see anything crazy about him. He’s just a nice guy who not afraid to speak the truth and I respect that.

We’ll find out who wins Arizona, Tuesday, and I think it’s gonna be Rick. Rick got a mix of boos and cheers tonight which is good. No matter the crowd response, he’s good at getting the message out.

Good debate tonight. I enjoyed it!


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