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People losing interest in Hollywood films? Box office numbers going down like crazy!!!

Well this is interesting. This article here talks about how Hollywood box office numbers going down. Memorial Day Box office weekend was at its worst. There’s a couple of table graphs that shows how Hollywood box office numbers has been going down over the last 20 years or so…


Why is it that people haven’t been going to the movies nowadays?

Is it because of movie stars ramming their liberal political opinions down our throats? That could be a big part of it! Another reason is that Hollywood just doesn’t make good movies anymore. Maybe it’s because we’re getting fed up with all of these remakes, reboots, sequels, action films, superhero films, etc. I can go on. Movies that are popcorn action flicks loaded with CGI is still dominating the movie industry and I think people are finally tired of that shit.

Hollywood really has gone downhill. I miss the days when Hollywood used to make good films. They used to concentrate on storytelling instead of trying to make big money. Hollywood quickly going down the shitter.

I still am a movie buff, though. It’s just that I prefer to watch older & classic films more. I like movies from the 30’s all the way up to the early 90’s. I love older action films. I love watching older black & white films too films like “Casablanca” is my favorite and I like to watch a lot of Marilyn Monroe & Audrey Hepburn films. I also love watching old Bruce Lee action films. Love old Clint Eastwood films and John Wayne movies. I’ve also been watching a lot of old Westerns and war films on Netflix too. If you’re fed up with Hollywood now, watch all the older stuff… that’s where all the real “Cinema” is at.