Yeah, I know another Johnny Depp post but this guy is respected by everyone in the music industry… the proof is right here:

Johnny w/ Kris Kristofferson
Johnny w/ Paul McCartney
Johnny w/ Marilyn Manson (Johnny is really close with Marilyn as learned during the trial)
The Hollywood Vampires band w/ Stone Temple Pilots
Johnny having a chat with Jimmy Page backstage at a Hollywood Vampires show
Johnny hanging out with Kirk Hammett of Metallica
Johnny w/ Ozzy Osbourne

It doesn’t make any sense to me when Amber says that Johnny is jealous of her career like seriously? Sounds to me Amber is more jealous of him.

I mean, Johnny’s met all the rock gods. They all respect him.

Why? It’s because Johnny’s a great musician himself that’s why. He’s actually a real guitar player. He plays both rhythm and lead, he plays slide guitar… he does it all. Johnny is also a big time guitar collector too. He’s a real musician. An actor/musician who really plays great.



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