Not only that Johnny Depp is on tour with Jeff Beck, those two made a studio album together and it will be out in July… no doubt, it’s gonna sell HUGE, hope they’re ready for that…

It’s looking like Johnny Depp’s movie career will be on hold for a while longer ’cause Johnny’s totally focused on music as of this point. Remember, during the trial, Johnny said he always preferred to be a musician more than an actor so I expect Johnny to work on movies less and less now.

It’s been announced by Jeff Beck that he and Depp recorded an album together and it will be out in July.

Seeing that Depp grew an even bigger fan base during the trial, you can expect that album to sell HUGE. It could be a number one album for them if they’re lucky enough so hope they’re ready for that. I’m definitely gonna buy it when it comes out.

I’m about to buy the Hollywood Vampire’s two albums they did from Itunes today. I’m sure the Hollywood Vampires album sales picked up right about now.



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