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Excited for the new upcoming Ozzy album, his new song, “Patient Number 9” w/ Jeff Beck is pretty great…

I really dig the new Ozzy tune a lot that just dropped this week. On the song, he collaborates with Jeff Beck on guitar. It’s definitely Jeff Beck ’cause when you hear Jeff play, you know it’s him. Jeff’s got his own style in guitar playing and he plays like no one else.

“Patient Number 9” is actually a pretty great song, digging it a lot and I’m not that crazy about Ozzy’s newer music but I’m actually excited for his new one. This song here is mostly a ballad but it’s got some rock riffs in it too.

Ozzy’s upcoming new album is an all star kind of album where he collaborates with all kinds of guitar greats including Eric Clapton which is interesting really. Some of you are like, huh? Eric Clapton? Well Ozzy collaborating with artists out of the norm is nothing new, he just works with whoever he wants.

What I’m most excited about with his new album is that he reunites with two of his guitarists from his past on the album: Tony Iommi and Zakk and I can’t wait to hear those songs.

I’m feeling that Ozzy’s next album will be totally different. He’s always re-inventing himself but I’m sure his next album will include heavy rockers and headbanging songs like always.

I respect Ozzy even more now ’cause despite his health problems, he continues to make music through it all. Nothing is stopping him. He just loves making music. I don’t think it’s about the money for him at all.

Can’t wait for the new album. I’m getting it for sure. Probably gonna get it on both vinyl and digital.


Johnny Depp & Jeff Beck releasing new song/video about actress, Hedy Lamarr? He’s teasing something…

So Johnny Depp and Jeff Beck recorded an album together so this is the album’s first single about to get released? When Depp played that gig with Beck in Sheffield, Depp played some covers with him and one original written by Depp himself. An original song about to get released soon. Depp already debuted the new song in the UK and we’re about to hear the official studio recording real soon.

I’m sure the song will be a hit and will go viral. It’ll quickly go over a million plays, predicting it now.

I’m looking forward to hearing the song myself ’cause it’s kind of hard to hear the live bootleg version.


Not only that Johnny Depp is on tour with Jeff Beck, those two made a studio album together and it will be out in July… no doubt, it’s gonna sell HUGE, hope they’re ready for that…

It’s looking like Johnny Depp’s movie career will be on hold for a while longer ’cause Johnny’s totally focused on music as of this point. Remember, during the trial, Johnny said he always preferred to be a musician more than an actor so I expect Johnny to work on movies less and less now.

It’s been announced by Jeff Beck that he and Depp recorded an album together and it will be out in July.


Seeing that Depp grew an even bigger fan base during the trial, you can expect that album to sell HUGE. It could be a number one album for them if they’re lucky enough so hope they’re ready for that. I’m definitely gonna buy it when it comes out.

I’m about to buy the Hollywood Vampire’s two albums they did from Itunes today. I’m sure the Hollywood Vampires album sales picked up right about now.


Johnny Depp plays surprise gig in the UK to jam with guitar legend, Jeff Beck…

A couple of days after the Depp vs. Heard closing arguments concluded, Johnny Depp flies over to the UK to jam on some songs with Jeff Beck in Sheffield, UK.

While some may be like, “What?”

Well, when Jeff Beck asked Johnny to come up to join him at his concert, I’m sure Johnny talked with his attorneys & managers to see if it was okay with them and they probably gave him the “go ahead”. If his lawyers and staff people didn’t want him to go then he wouldn’t. They feel that now that the Depp vs. Heard trial part is over, he’s free to do whatever he wants.

I can’t blame Johnny for jumping on this opportunity immediately though ’cause he’s fucking Jeff Beck, a guitar god and legend. Johnny’s probably a huge fan of him too so he couldn’t say no.

On top of that, Johnny deserves to do something fun after having so much on his plate and going through so much negativity after a trial. He deserves to get his mind off the bullshit for a little bit and returning to the stage was a good opportunity for that.

I’m sure Johnny is now back in Virginia already for the verdict reading this week whenever that may be. I think he was only in the UK for a few days. He’ll be back in court tomorrow.

I think he just wanted to get away from the drama and bullshit for a while and I hear him. He so deserves it.

I’m sure he played a great show with Jeff Beck though as I’m a fan of Jeff Beck myself. I have a few of his albums.


Report: Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck to perform a huge show at the O2 Arena in London, Feb. 13th 2010…

Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck, two guitar legends will once again share the stage at the O2 Arena in London, England on Feb. 13th, 2010.

The two guitarists have been best friends for many years as they go waaaayyyyy back in the Yardbird days.

At the O2 show in Feb. Clapton/Beck will both play a set together jamming on stage, and they will both play a separate solo set alone.

More on it here:


Sounds good. Hopefully this gig will be a live recording for a DVD/CD kind of thing.


BREAKING NEWS: Metallica, Jeff Beck, Run DMC and a few others to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!!!!

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2009 inductees has finally been announced! It is official that the Hall of Fame will induct Metallica this year. The Hall of Fame will also induct the rap group Run DMC and legendary guitarist Jeff Beck. Bobby Womack, and Little Anthony and the Imperials will also be inducted.

More on it here:


I know what you all are thinking, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “Fuck Run DMC and fuck the Hall of fame, Run DMC is NOT rock”. Of course, Run DMC is rock, if they weren’t, then they wouldn’t have collaborated with Aerosmith for “Walk This Way”. This is the rap group that pioneered this new rap genre titled “Rap/Metal”, so they deserve this induction every step of the way!!!

If it wasn’t for them, then there would be no Beastie Boys,┬áKid Rock, no Limp Bizkit, and all them rap/metal bands that has been inspired by Run DMC!!! Think about it!!!