Amber Heard is definitely gonna lose the trial, Johnny Depp will prevail 100%…

Well the trial is gonna be over real soon so I thought I would post more thoughts on it. I read that the closing arguments is scheduled for May 27th. The trial will continue on Monday ’cause I believe Amber has more witnesses to testify.

I haven’t been watching the trial lately but I have watched some clips of Amber’s testimony this week and I’ll try to watch some of her witnesses over the weekend. There is no need to watch a lot of the trial anyways ’cause I know Johnny will win no matter what ’cause Amber has nothing. She’s done. As a matter of fact, Johnny already won.

When the verdict will be finally read which will be for a while, I predict the judge is gonna throw out Amber’s countersuit and give Johnny the victory. Why?

Simply because Amber has no hard evidence of Johnny physically abusing her. She has no medical records, she made no appointments to the doctor…. no trips to the emergency room and no surgeries of any of her injuries. She admitted that she didn’t have any of that stuff. Why didn’t she go through all that? It’s because she had no serious injuries like she claims. All those photos she showed of herself prove nothing at all.

The Depp lawyers got onto her about her “fake” photos.

I love Depp’s lawyer, Camille, though… that lawyer with the long dark hair. I usually hate lawyers but this one is awesome. She is fierce and really tough. Johnny hired a good one there for sure. Looks like she had a lot of experience of exposing fakes and liars in the court room.

Johnny’s fine, he’s got this y’all. Amber’s side is also doing a good job of proving Johnny’s innocence the more they spew their bullshit. There’s no need to watch Amber’s witnesses ’cause I bet they were paid a lot of money to make Johnny look bad. Getting paid to kiss Amber’s ass. They’re just gonna talk a lot of shit about Johnny without any proof so no need to watch ’em.

I will watch the verdict reading live on the internet though whenever that maybe. The closing arguments will be next week where the jury will discuss the case behind closed doors. It may take them a few days though ’cause there’s a lot for them to discuss. So it’s still gonna be a long while for the verdict. The trial will definitely be over for good before the end of this month, though.

When Johnny gets the victory, I want to see Amber’s reaction. She’ll probably get upset but how much upset will she get? Will she storm out of the court room? Will she cry her eyes out, like cry for real this time? Will she start screaming and yelling at people? You’ll never know with this woman.

It’s gonna be interesting to see how it’s all gonna end, though.



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