5 years ago today the music world loses Chris Cornell…

Before anyone accuses me of liking a musician after his death, not true. I’ve always been a massive Chris Cornell fan for a long time. I’ve supported everything he did over the years. Everything through Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog, Audioslave and I’ve bought all of his solo albums too.

He was a great singer, guitar player and great writer. He’s mostly known as a rock and metal singer but one thing people seem to forget that he’s an overall singer. He can do it all… he could sing from really low notes to wicked high pitch screams. He can sing clean and he can go to a raspy voice. He can do all genres of music pretty much. I think that’s why he started a solo career so he can be able to do other stuff besides heavy rock.

He was mostly known as a singer but he’s also a guitar player himself. Some may think Kim Thayil wrote most of the Soundgarden material but it was actually Chris that wrote most Soundgarden songs on guitar. All Kim Thayil did was serve the song but yes, Kim did wrote some Soundgarden songs and Kim brought in some riffs but it was Chris that did most of the writing in the band.

Another great thing that people missed about Chris was that he was a great lyricist too. That’s another thing I respected him about was his unique lyric writing. No one else wrote lyrics like Chris and Chris helped inspired me to write lyrics of my own.

Chris was a musical genius, though and I remember I was bummed that he passed due to committing suicide. It shocked me like everyone else ’cause he didn’t seem like the suicidal type. We’re all human, remember that.

After Soundgarden emerged in the 90’s when the Grunge scene exploded, I followed Chris’s career since then. I’ve listened to Soundgarden throughout high school and bought all 3 Audioslave albums when they came out. I bought all of his solo albums.

He is still missed even today. Maybe gone but his music lives on.



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