When you’re a musician and music artist, you’ll never please everyone… just remember that!

Stumbled upon this good meme in FB that I agree with through a musician’s group. I agree with this too.

As a musician and singer/songwriter myself, I know from experience that it’s very hard to get people to like your music or like you as a person or as an artist. You make music and write songs, you put it out there for people. You would get nothing but either get negative criticism with people telling you that you suck or no response from people at all. Yeah, I’ve been there when I used to put out a lot of music in the past.

A lot of people also trashed me publicly as a person over the years. Yeah, I’ve had people tell me that I’m not very likeable and had people tell me that I’m such a troll or a negative person in the music scene.

All that is fine and good ’cause I can’t please everyone ya know? Last thing you wanna do is care about what people say or think about you. Just keep doing what you do. Keep playing the music and fans will come around on their own. People will either like you or not. Just be proud of the people that do support your music and proud of those who do like you as a person and just forget all the haters.

You want to make music publicly, you WILL get those critics and haters for sure. Yeah, I’ve had people bash my music and made fun of it. When I used to play live gigs, I’ve tried to play gigs at all venues as much as possible. Of course, I was rejected by a lot of venues not naming names. I only got booked for a lot of ’em ’cause other bands and musicians were asking me to open for them… but I definitely did book my own shows for sure and actually had some people come out to them.

It’s actually not a bad thing to have critics and haters ’cause they help you get more fans when they realize it or not.

No lie, I really did have people support my music when I was playing out there… I did have somewhat a loyal fanbase myself.

I know, I haven’t put out a new batch of original songs in a long while but I’m planning on getting back into that ’cause I kind of miss it and itching for some new material myself.

The thing is, it don’t matter whether or not people like your music or yourself as a person. Just make music just for you ’cause that’s what it’s here for, ya know? You don’t have to give up playing music and give up playing live just because you have so many telling you that your music sucks and so many telling you that you’re an asshole.

Ted Nugent is a perfect example of this. So many shit on that man but he doesn’t care… he just continues making music and touring heavily. Not caring what his haters thinks.

Yeah, it’s definitely hard to get people to care about you and your music but keep playing and keep writing your songs. Let the music speak on its own. If people like your music, they will tell you or they’ll show it by buying an album of yours or going to a show. Don’t take yourself serious and ignore all the bullshit and negativity.


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