Local music community especially the Capital Region music scene has a leftist problem… they hate conservative musicians and Trump supporters, it’s okay though!

If you’re a musician and a die-hard conservative/Trump supporting kind of person then be prepared for a lot of hate and a lot less support in the local music scene.

It’s getting harder and harder to support local bands, the local music scene nowadays ’cause most of the entire music scene has a leftist problem. It has been like that for a long time and the leftist problem in local musicians community is worse now than before.

If you’re a musician with “conservative” views or if you’re a Trump supporter or both… get ready for a lot of bullshit. A lot of musicians will refuse to add you in social media ’cause of your beliefs and even worse, if you were friends with a leftist musician chances are you’ll get “unfriended” and get “blocked” by them in social media. All because of differences of political views.

It is pretty childish and dumb really… all because musicians and promoters refusing to support each other over politics. I’ve dealt with it a long time myself and it’s okay.

I’m proud to be a die-hard conservative and I’m proud to be a die-hard MAGA supporter or as Joe Biden would put it ULTRA MAGA. I won’t change for anybody ’cause I hate leftism.

The leftism problem in the music is why I refuse to play shows and go see other band shows pretty much. I try my best to keep politics separate from music. If I like a band’s and artists music, I try to be supportive as much as possible despite political views. I don’t care about politics, if I like the music enough I’ll support them. It’s okay disagree with each other but support each other anyways, try it sometime, ya know?

That’s okay, let them do what they do ’cause all it does is just shows their true colors. Most musicians and people in the local music community are arrogant jerks anyways so fuck ’em, really.

To be honest, though, there are more conservative musicians now than you think so don’t let the leftism fool ya.



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