More on the Iphone 11, when will I start making videos with it again???

Yesterday, I went to Target in Wilton to look at Iphone cases. I picked up the cheap $9.99 Iphone 11 case for now but will buy an even better one that protects the Iphone sometime in the future. I also picked up wireless bluetooth earbuds which I like a lot. I prefer wireless earbuds now than the wired ones ’cause the wired ones can get quite annoying with the cord dangling and now I don’t have to worry about that anymore.

The question is when will I start making videos for Instagram again? I’m gonna start soon but I plan on buying a Tripod that would fit good with the Iphone 11 and I should buy a ringlight too so I can improve lighting. I plan on making videos again where I’m just live performing acoustic songs covers and originals and will play electric guitar stuff too. I’m also planning on filming videos of myself speaking on different topics and will start filming lifting videos at the gym again for sure. All this stuff will be coming back.

I’m still very new to Iphone and still learning how to use it. I’m real late getting into the Iphone bandwagon at 45 years old. Never had one until now but now I think having an actual cell phone will be pretty useful. I figure it’s finally time… in case family & friends need me for anything, they can call and text. If I meet new friends and meet hot women out there, now I can start giving them my cell number.

Feels good to finally have one.



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