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Report: Mel Gibson is official for “Expendables 3” and his character revealed!!!

The official “Expendables” site announced the official casting for the next installment to the Expendables franchise.

Apparently, Mel Gibson is definitely on board. Look like Mel is gonna be the main villain for EXP3. The name of his character is Conrad Stonebanks, and he was one of the Expendables founding members who turned into a ruthless arms dealer.

The original cast: Dolph, Randy, Terry, Jason, and Jet will be coming back.

Additional cast will include Wesley Snipes, Harrison Ford, and Antonio Banderas. Look like Sly will be re-teaming with two of the cast members. Sly played in, “Demolition Man” with Wesley and Sly played in “Assassins” with Antonio Banderas.

As you can see, Sly always had Mel’s support. The photo above looks like an older pic of Mel and Sly together at some event. Even though Mel may seem like a weird and crazy guy, Sly tells Access Hollywood last year in this video that people shouldn’t be so quick to judge him.

I think Sly just wants to help his friend, Mel Gibson. He wants to try to inspire people to be more forgiven of Mel. After all the Mel Gibson controversy in the news the last several years, I think Mel deserves a second chance in Hollywood. He deserves to be forgiven. Whether you like Mel Gibson or not, he’s still a very talented man. Great director, writer, and actor. Mel is still doing violent action films to this day so I think he would be a perfect choice for the Expendables.

I gotta wonder how difficult Mel was when Sly tried to ask him for this film? I bet Mel was a real hard ass but Sly never gave up to get him in this movie. Sly wanted Mel in this movie pretty badly and he got him. Congrats Sly! Looking forward to it!


Report: Sly confirms Wesley Snipes is on board for Expendables 3??? Mel Gibson to direct and star???

Sly tweeted that Wesley Snipes is officially on board to join the cast for, “The Expendables 3”. I went to Sly’s twitter page, but it looks like he removed it, for whatever reason. Sly then teased, that he plans on asking Mel Gibson to direct and have a starring role in the film too.

More on the story, here.

Well, it’s no surprise that Wesley Snipes would be returning to acting right away, after getting released from prison. He needs to get his financial income back in order somehow, since he refused to pay his taxes right? He’s probably broke, by now. Other than that, it’s great to see Sly and Wes team together again since 1993’s, “Demolition Man”.

As for Sly trying to ask Mel Gibson to direct and star? Heh, good luck on that one, Sly. I don’t think Mel would jump on board unless he gets a hand on writing duties. I can understand why Sly would want Mel since Mel is great at action films. Mel is a very talented director and screenwriter, but it seems that Mel does his own thing with directing. Mel is good at making violent and gritty scenes, and the Expendables could use something like this. Mel is still starring in violent action movies to this day, but I’m sure Mel is a difficult guy to deal with. If Sly can actually get Mel on board, that would be surprising, but I don’t see it happening. Mel would probably turn it down.


Report: Nicolas Cage confirmed for “Expendables 3”, they finally got him!!!

Sly has been trying to get actor Nicolas Cage, for the first two “Expendables” movies, but Nic Cage kept turning them down. Well, Nic is finally available, and is a go for “Expendables 3”. They don’t say what character Cage will be playing, whether a hero or a villain, but in my opinion, Cage should play the villain. He would make a great badguy for these movies.

Sly says, he wants Mickey Rourke back for the third one. They are also interested in Harrison Ford, and Wesley Snipes.

Deadline, reports.

Hopefully, they’ll get Kurt Russell soon.


Report: Wesley Snipes is off to prison today, sucks to be him…

Wesley Snipes, the former action movie star and former “Blade” star, is locked up in prison today. The actor tried his best to stay out of prison until after Christmas so he can spend time with his family for the Holidays, but of course, that wasn’t allowed. Larry King even tried to help him. I feel sorry for Wes, but he brought this upon himself. He must be responsible for taxes, maybe the three years will teach him.

TMZ, reports.


Report: Wesley Snipes sentenced to three years in prison…failed to pay taxes…

Action star Wesley Snipes who had starred in the iconic “Blade” trilogy has been sentenced to three years in prison, failing to file taxes for three straight years. He has been acquitted and found innocent of tax fraud and conpspiracy but that’s still not stopping him for going to prison for not paying his regular taxes though.

The Associated Press reports:


Well Snipes fans, like we won’t be seeing another new movie of his for another three years.

Snipes has been out of Hollywood work anyway, he hasn’t done a new movie since “Blade: Trinity” which that came out in 2004.

Enjoy prison Snipes. Be sure to file your taxes peeps.