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Vince Neil set to perform at Trump’s inauguration…

Vince Neil, the former frontman of Motley Crue is set to perform at Trump’s inauguration on Jan. 20th. I wonder how the media and leftards are gonna smear him ’cause I wouldn’t be surprised they’re going at it right now. I’m sure this is already infuriating liberals ’cause I’m already seeing some of them calling Neil a washed up and alcoholic rock star.


I wonder what other bands & artists will be performing at Trump’s inaugural? Good luck on that ’cause most of the music industry are nothing but “leftards” and “Nevertrumpers”. They’ll have to find bands & musicians who will accept Trump for who he is. ¬†Hopefully Trump can get some left-wing musicians to perform. I’m feeling many left-wing musicians will not want anything to do with this ’cause of Trump so it’s gonna be hard.

It’ll be interesting to see who Trump is gonna have to perform. Maybe get Kanye West on now that he’s all for Trump.




My thoughts on the Nicolas Cage vs. Vince Neil fight in Las Vegas…

A lot of people want to hate on Nicolas Cage but I think Nic Cage did a good thing here. Nic was being the peacemaker it looks like to me. Looks like Nic was trying to save a female fan of his from domestic violence and was trying to get Vince to get calm down. It seems to me that Vince got all jealous ’cause the woman went to Nic for an autograph instead of him. It’s obvious that Vince is drunk or on drugs or something.

Nic was trying to save a woman from getting beat up by Vince, that’s all he was doing.


Anyway, we don’t know the full story. Of course, Nic Cage might be drunk off of his ass also ’cause he too always had a drinking problem. Nic has always been short tempered. To me, Nic was just trying to save a woman from getting hurt, it looks like.

Either that or maybe Vince was trying to calm Nic down, I don’t know. We don’t know the full story. Just what TMZ posted ’cause I hate that website to be honest with ya. We should know the full story soon but I’m sure Vince and Nic will their own side.

Nic Cage is a very talented actor and all but in real life, that guy has a lot of problems, no doubt.


Arnold’s “Celebrity Apprentice” contestants announced…

What are the bets that Snooki is gonna end up winning the whole thing? Get her back in the celebrity spotlight. She’s been out of the mainstream for a long while. You haven’t heard much of “Snooki” ever since Jersey Shore left the air. Why did she take a break from TV ever since Jersey Shore left the airwaves? Probably because she’s a Mom now and she wanted to spend more time with her family. Now she’s coming back in a big way. You can betcha the media will be all over her again.

And it looks like the Trump family will no longer be the advisors ’cause they’ll be too busy helping out Trump’s presidential campaign as well: Donald Jr., Ivanka, etc.


Even the Trump family are no longer involved in this show, I’m sure they’ll do fine in the ratings with Arnold, Snooki and Boy George being involved in this show. It’ll still be the highest rated show even without the Donald.


Report: Maybe they should give Vince Neil a scram bracelet too?

That’s a classic mugshot ain’t it? This guy really think he’s a rock n’ roll badass still doesn’t he? Driving drunk in a black lamborghini? This loser still thinks it’s the 80’s or something.

The Associated Press reports:


The guy’s a loser douchebag and always has been look at his wikipedia history:


It’s understandable why you want to be a rock n’ roll badass in your younger years, that’s fine…but…when you’re 50 and still doing the badass thing, it crosses the line. This time Vince Neil has gone too far.

He’ll probably walk off easy though, because he isn’t Lindsay Lohan.