Vince Neil set to perform at Trump’s inauguration…

Vince Neil, the former frontman of Motley Crue is set to perform at Trump’s inauguration on Jan. 20th. I wonder how the media and leftards are gonna smear him ’cause I wouldn’t be surprised they’re going at it right now. I’m sure this is already infuriating liberals ’cause I’m already seeing some of them calling Neil a washed up and alcoholic rock star.

I wonder what other bands & artists will be performing at Trump’s inaugural? Good luck on that ’cause most of the music industry are nothing but “leftards” and “Nevertrumpers”. They’ll have to find bands & musicians who will accept Trump for who he is.  Hopefully Trump can get some left-wing musicians to perform. I’m feeling many left-wing musicians will not want anything to do with this ’cause of Trump so it’s gonna be hard.

It’ll be interesting to see who Trump is gonna have to perform. Maybe get Kanye West on now that he’s all for Trump.





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