I don’t debate against leftards ’cause their opinions don’t matter to me anymore, they’re always one-sided…

Liberalism is clearly dying in front of our very own eyes. They’re losing power for sure. That’s why liberals are out in full force attacking conservatives like crazy online. Liberals bullying conservatives like mad. Trying to get them censored off of twitter/facebook. Liberals writing personal attacks  and all they do is hate everything “right-wing”. That’s what is pissing me off about liberals is that they’re opinions are so one-sided. That’s why they got Trump and since Trump got elected, leftards bullying the right has gotten much worse. They’re going nuts over Trump’s administration picks which is good.

I don’t give a shit if liberals are mad or offended. I don’t care about their hurt feelings anymore ’cause they’re done. Liberalism is getting smaller and smaller and smaller. That’s why they’re getting pissed as hell ’cause they know it. They’re still pissed that Trump won so they attack conservatives in retaliation.

I don’t debate politics with leftards ’cause they are a piece of work and they’re very dangerous to debate with. I only debate politics with people who actually has a brain. People who don’t attack others and call each other names. Leftards treat people horribly and it’s worse than ever.

These are people who follow the MSM and anything the MSM says, leftards would have the same opinion and viewpoint. That’s why you shouldn’t debate with them. Just brainwashed losers who follow the MSM. Probably read garbage like the Washington Post or the Huffington or Slate Magazine or some crap like that. Let them continue to blindly follow the MSM who write nothing but “Fake News”. They’re done. We’ve destroyed liberalism and it feels so fucking good.



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