Film Of The Day: Mad Max (original, 1979)

Everyone loves a good revenge movie, but this is the best one. I love the original, “Mad Max”. It is also the best one of the trilogy. This is an apocalyptic and futuristic movie both at the same time. It tells the story about a cop who vows revenge on the biker gang who murdered his wife and son. Before the death of his wife and son, he was living a happy life, and when that was taken away from him, they gave him the name, Mad Max for a reason.

They don’t make action movies like this anymore. I love the young Mel Gibson too. He was really great back in those days! It really is a shame that Mel wants nothing to do with the Mad Max movies anymore, when Mel is still doing action movies to this day. I really think he has what it takes to play that character for one last time. I wish he would give it another shot. One of the coolest characters in action film. I love those old school action movies.


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