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BREAKING NEWS: Mel Gibson to produce a movie about the Judah Maccabe story???

A troubled Mel Gibson could return to work as a producer this time around. Mel Gibson and writer, Joe Eszterhas, will team up to make a movie about, Judas Maccabeus. Warner Bros. will bring us the film. They at first, wanted Mel to direct this movie but I guess he wanted to be producer instead.

Deadline, reports.

I can see why this is controversial, since Mel’s 2006 anti-semitic rant, when he blamed the Jews for all the wars in the world, but I think that’s why Warner Bros. gave him this job to begin with. That news was pretty huge in the media, controversy can be good sometimes.

It seems that Mel has been staying away from directing movies as of late. I guess directing is too overwhelming for him so he decided to be an actor in other films and produce this movie.