Cool video of Mel Gibson at gas station, actor gets approached by random fan…


Mi día de suerte le eché aire a #MelGibson Mel Gibson

♬ sonido original – lobito162090

This is a tiktok video gone viral. Why? Because on it has actor and director Mel Gibson at a gas station with him putting air in his vehicle. Of course, Mel gets approached by a random fan.

Usually famous people don’t like to be bothered in public places and some celebs are rude to their fans but not Mel, though. Mel doesn’t seem to mind getting approached by fans even when he’s busy doing something.

Mel gets a lot of criticism toward his personality like some thinks he’s an asshole and stuff but that’s not what I see here at all. Here you see Mel talking with the fan, joking and laughing with him and you can see Mel here asking the fan to help him out with his tires. This fan getting asked to do a favor by an iconic actor and director? Keep in mind, Mel Gibson is a guy did Mad Max, Lethal Weapon, Braveheart and so many iconic movies.

Mel seems like a standup guy to me and he seems very appreciative to his fans. See Mel Gibson out in public somewhere? Don’t be afraid to walk up to him and say, “hi”! I’m sure he won’t bite at all. 🙂



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