No surprise that Facebook is losing users and stocks… it’s about to become the next myspace…

Ya know, I find it funny that tiktok was to blame that facebook lost uers and its stock market. It’s like, seriously?

Um no, the real reasons everyone is not liking facebook anymore is for several reasons listed here:

  • Massive censorship… all the fact checks, getting suspended or what they call it “FB jail” is a huge problem and people are fucking tired of it. This is one reason people leave.
  • FB being a platform for liberals… it seems that FB is intentionally turning their social media platform for liberals only is that their goal? Seems so. Conservatives are getting suspended like crazy but lefties don’t get any punishment for saying stupid things, what gives?
  • Not enough privacy… this might be one of the big issues FB has… not enough privacy like they keep promising.
  • FB steals information when they claimed they don’t… they’ve been exposed for that, remember?
  • Seems like FB is a cesspool for drama and trolls… another reason people leave is cause of the drama and bullshit. Getting cyberbullied by people is a big problem, ya know? You can’t trust anyone nowadays, including your own friends and family. This is another reason people hit the “deactivate” button.

I can go on but those are the big ones, I would say. Really though, the no. 1 reason people leave is really the massive censorship going on.

Of course Zuckerberg doesn’t take responsibility for anything and blames tiktok.

I’d like to leave FB but I have my own reasons for not leaving. There’s a couple of reasons why I stay but I would rather keep those for myself.

FB losing users and stock market is no surprise and Zuckerberg should have seen that one coming. FB used to be fun but right now it is horrible.


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