Video: Is Arnold a closet Trump supporter, is that why he walked off interview???

A lot of people are mistakenly thinking that the reason Arnold walked off this interview when asked what his thoughts are on Donald Trump is ’cause Arnold is a Trump hater. You see, I don’t think Arnold is a Trump hater. Ya know, if Arnold was a Trump hater then he wouldn’t have agreed to sign on to host “The Celebrity Apprentice”. I mean, if he really hated Donald Trump then he would have boycotted anything that had to do with Donald Trump but Arnold didn’t. Arnold agreed to replace Trump for “The Celebrity Apprentice” so does that mean that Arnold actually likes Mr. Trump? Is that why Arnold has been silent on Donald Trump? I believe Arnold is a secret Trump supporter. Maybe Arnold didn’t endorse Trump for president ’cause he was afraid it would hurt his career so he endorsed John Kasich instead. I think it’s a possibility that Arnold walked off the interview ’cause he refused to say negative things about Mr. Trump. The interviewer expected Arnold to say negative things about Trump but Arnie didn’t want to. There’s no doubt in my mind that Arnie is a closet Trump supporter. Arnie did the right thing walking off the interview, though. He’s got better things to do than to attack Trump. If Arnie decided to attack Trump in the media then he could lose his job as host of the “Celebrity Apprentice”. Whether Arnie likes Mr. Trump or not, it would be unprofessional for Arnie to attack Trump. Arnold is not scared of answering tough questions, he just did a professional thing. He just doesn’t want to hurt Trump while he’s still signed to host “Celebrity Apprentice”.


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