Media trying to make Donald Trump look bad over his protesters is pretty dumb…

I’m tired of stupid liberals crying about how Donald Trump is not allowing them to protest at his rallies. Well, ya know, that’s tough shit. They are his rallies. Mr. Trump pays for his rallies himself so that means he’s in charge of his rallies. That also means that Mr. Trump decides who stays and who goes. I’d say he’s doing a good thing throwing his protesters out. Since Mr. Trump pays for his rallies himself, he can treat his protesters however he wants to.

I mean, if you don’t want to get your ass kicked by Trump supporters or get thrown out at a Trump rally then it’s your fault to begin with. You shouldn’t have gone to it.

On top of that, all of those protesters were sent out by Bernie Sanders. They’re just dumb & insane Bernie supporters, nothing more. Those Bernie supporters were paid by Bernie himself to go out to disrupt Trump rallies. Liberals don’t give a shit, though. They would basically do anything to stop Donald Trump even if what they do could be against the law. They don’t care how much hate they spread around. They would do anything to stop The Donald. Media still doing whatever it takes to make Donald Trump look like a racist when he’s not. It’s quite pathetic really.

Dumb liberals agreed to take upon Bernie’s request to disrupt Trump rallies ’cause those dumb liberals would do anything for Bernie. They would do anything for their insane hero.

Liberals are brain dead and dumb people. They really are. I’m so sick of their shit.


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