How much did John Kasich pay Arnold to endorse him today?

Kind of funny how Arnold accepted to take over Donald Trump as host of the “Celebrity Apprentice” but ends up endorsing John Kasich today. As far as I remember, I don’t think Kasich ever had any endorsement from famous people until now. Kasich is not doing well at all. Kasich is doing badly in the primaries so he must be desperate to survive in the race by having Arnold endorse him today.

Ya know, I do love and respect Arnold for being an action star and respect him for his movie career but I never liked Arnold’s politics, though. Arnold calls himself a “republican” but is he really? He supports gun control, gay marriage and a lot of liberal things. In other words a term for that is RINO. A republican who still has some left-wing views.

Kasich rallies are very small while Donald Trump does his rallies at very large arenas. Kasich thinks he’s gonna get more votes by having Arnold endorse him. Not gonna happen so Kasich may as well drop out. I think he will soon anyway. Kasich is a piece of shit and anybody who thinks he’s the best of the GOP candidates is a low info voter.


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