Why America doesn’t want GOP candidates and the mainstream media attacking Trump…

Many of you have noticed that a lot of us Americans get disgusted with anybody who go out of their way to attack Mr. Trump. That goes for the GOP candidates and the mainstream media. The same goes for liberals who go out of their way to attack Trump. The reason is quite simple why attacking and hating Donald Trump is wrong. It’s simply because that’s not what the America people wants to hear. What we want from the GOP candidates and the media is listening to what we want and caring for us but they don’t. The American people really wants what’s best for the country. Donald Trump knows what’s best for the country. He’s been saying all the things we’ve all been thinking for many years. The way the election is supposed to be is that it should be THE PEOPLE picking the president. Not the candidates or the media. They should stay out of it and listen to us. Thing is nobody ever listens to us. They don’t ever want to hear the truth of how corrupted our government is. They never want to hear the truth how corrupted the Obama admin. is. When we say what’s really going on in America, many would laugh at us and shrug it off like we’re full of shit. It is usually like this that when people want to tell the truth about Obama’s America and tell it is like is, people usually look at us like we’re full of shit. We’ve been the silent majority for at least a decade now.

Now that you think about it, due to the popularity of Donald Trump and him kicking ass in the election, we’re no longer the silent majority. We’re finally speaking out about Obama and the corrupted government. It’s appearing that people aren’t liking it either, how we really feel about America. The media wants to pretend that Barack Obama is a good president and doing great things for America. With most of us supporting Donald Trump and all the polls prove it, that shows we’re not falling for the media’s bullshit on Obama’s fraudulent presidency. That’s part of why liberals go raging mad at us ’cause it’s bothering them that we’re no longer the silent majority.

Hating Trump is a waste of time and solving nothing. If you really buy into the media’s bullshit then I really do feel sorry for you ’cause there are still a lot of people that believe everything the media says. The media tried everything in their power to destroy Trump but they fail every time… they tried calling him a racist, a bigot, a misogynistic person, they tried to expose him as a fake conservative, etc. They tried everything as much as possible to destroy him and make him look bad. When they know they failed at trying something, they try something else. They just don’t realize that the more they pick on Trump, the more they are giving him a reason to become president and he’s about to become the GOP nominee ’cause of all the Trump hating. When they say bad publicity is sometimes good, I guess it sometimes is.

Anyway, it isn’t really good for liberal America to hate on a GOP candidate that most of us wants as president. Think about what’s that is doing for you as a person. It just further proves that we’re getting tired and fed up with liberals. Nobody cares about liberalism anymore. I mean, look at how small the Democrat candidate rallies have gotten and Donald Trump is doing his rallies at large arenas. Notice how liberalism isn’t popular anymore as it once was? That should say something there.

What the American people wants to hear are things that improves the country. We want things that are best for the country like getting our jobs back, making the economy better, make education better, improve the military and most importantly jail all those corrupted people in government and the Obama admin. Those are the things we all want. Stuff that improves the country and making us better again. It’s a shame that some still can’t see that.

Yet all liberals care about is their typical human and equal rights garbage that no one cares about. We’re fed up with liberalism and the Trump popularity shows that. I think that’s why liberals are mad. They don’t like how we really feel about them well that’s tough.

Liberals are maniacs and psychopaths. Now conservatives are starting to turn out that way too. They’re maniacs and psychos too. If you hate Donald Trump then you’re no conservative. End of story.

Deal with it. Mr. Trump is the next one. He’ll beat Hillary and Bernie easily.


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